A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter ten

Look at this simply amazing link before you read the blogpost!

And I would like to ask you for some comments today. I’m thinking of putting together a longer article, and I’d like examples of fundamentally unlikeable female characters that work as sympathetic protagonists that the reader (or viewer) can root for. My example is Scarlett O’Hara, for instance. I’m hoping to write a post on Anita Blake, and why she fails on every level of being a jerkass hero.

Regarding hair yesterday; it was mentioned in a previous book that JC had tremendous power over his hair. I mocked it as it was ridiculous. It is still ridiculous.

Anita and JC are driving to the council, with Asher kicking in the back seat.

“Something’s wrong,” Jean-Claude said.

You’re in car with a man who wants to torture your girlfriend. Yes, I think something may be wrong.

JC can’t feel his vampires inside his head. Asher twirls his moustache and says that Balty’s master has done this for sure!

Jean-Claude’s hand lashed out in a blur of speed that was almost magical.

I’m pretty sure it is magic. That’s why Anita’s super speshul snowflake powers work, right?

JC whines that he’s done nothing wrong (HA) but as he has taken accountability for the death of Mr Oliver, in the eyes of the Council he has broken the law. The Council wants to make sure that JC hasn’t founded his own ineffectual organisation. Asher babbles about how old-fashioned the Council is, but that JC’s intransigence has made some hope for a new order. JC says that he is not powerful enough to sit on the council.

Oh, and the Council are at the Circus. Making all of the driving around and fuss about Asher in the car entirely pointless.

There is some political talk about the Queen of Nightmares moving around and seeing how legal existence is affecting vampires in the US (not well) but Anita doesn’t give a shit about this. Asher sniffs her hair and she freaks. Admittedly, I would too. Asher asks her why she is not full of POWER and abilities, which is a very valid question. Anita does not give a shit about anything, apart from her vajeen.

JC and Asher exchange mild pleasantries and threats, and they all arrive at the Circus. Anita asks if they’re going to take back the Circus by force, because she’s a colossal idiot. JC says it’s not wise, but they should be aggressive in their approach. That’s not very wise either, as Anita is put a slight tickle away from pushing ‘aggressive’ into ‘gun wielding fury’.

“They think you’ve started a revolution, Jean-Claude,” Asher said from the darkness. “Like all revolutionaries, dead you become a martyr. They don’t want you dead.”

That is real genuine intelligence, something I have come to not expect from this series. I don’t expect it will last. The Council do not believe that JC is innocent – even if Asher does, for some reason. Asher leaves Anita with a warning about JC before running off into the darkness again.

That was a short stretch into nowhere. Glad I’ve got The Scarlet Pimpernel to keep me entertained.



9 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter ten

  1. Madame Bovary. She’s not a bitch, exactly, but she’s arrogant, selfish, a relentless social climber. And yet 100x more relatable than Anita.

  2. (re: your link) BRILLIANT. I didn’t think Mjolnir could get better, but then you went and added storage.

    As for fundamentally unlikeable yet sympathetic female characters, I’m sort of drawing a blank. Although I will say that that Delores Umbridge is more likeable than Anita Blake.

    Oooh! Narcissa Malfoy.

    • I was just thinking of Narcissa Malfoy! Most excellent choice – this blog needs more Harry Potter and The Excellent and Intricate Plotting and Brilliant Characterisation.

      Thanks for your comments re Thor’s hammer-bag. It was so much fun to make!

      • Every blog could use a little more Harry Potter, imho. And credit where credit is due! That bag is wicked-awesome.

        Unlike LKH’s writing. Her use of punctuation bothers me. It’s just so weird.

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