A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter forty six

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I got out of the hospital with no permanent scars. That was a switch. Richard had touched the wounds Gabriel gave me, his face very serious.

Did Gabriel give Anita wounds? She seemed perfectly okay when she was running around in her knickers and trainers, shooting people for the hell of it.

The doctors offered to put me in one of the shapeshifter halfway houses (read prisons) for the first-time furry. It has to be voluntary, but once you sign yourself in, it’s almost impossible to sign yourself out. I told them I’d take care of it myself. They scolded me, and I told them to go to hell.

Yeah, cause that doesn’t sound like a massive infringement of civil liberties. This makes no sense – is shapeshifting illegal? That’s the only reason why people would be put in prison for being one. Otherwise it’s illegal and there would be protest groups all over that. Whoops, I forgot, everyone in the Anita Blake universe is a massive shit-weasel.

Anita doesn’t shape change anyway. She is all sad that she still loves Richard but that he doesn’t want to spend time with her (I wonder why). But she’s in love with JC so she forgets about about Richard’s existence constantly. Well, aside from when he invades her dreams using his POWERS. Right. That’s a thing now.

Monica’s baby is due in August. Her amnio came back clean. No Vlad syndrome. She seems to think I’m her friend now. I’m not, but I help out sometimes.

Anita, can you stop being a bitch for a second and think about the grief and emotional well-being of another human being? That doesn’t want to stick his wick in you?

‘she thinks I’m her friend now’. I’ve never read a line more self-obsessed and fucking entitled. You don’t deserve to have Monica in your life.

Anita’s family are upset that she is in a relationship with JC. I concur with them.

Can I still be the scourge of vampire kind when I’m sleeping with the head bloodsucker?

You bet.

My final thoughts on The Killing Dance?

This book is utterly appalling on every level.

It fails as a romance and as a paranormal thriller. The detective plot is a second thought that sits in the corner quietly until it is brought out for a limp and ragged climax that goes nowhere. The romance makes the supposed bad guy out to be the only figure of sympathy and makes the main character look incredibly heartless – that’s if you ignore the fact she is raped and we are told that this is a good, loving act. It isn’t. It’s awful.

Anita continues to be a sociopath that has no thoughts or opinions of anyone save herself, and luxuriates in this, as if I’m meant to find it cool.

I’m also supposed to find it ‘cool’ that she runs around in nothing but her pants and trainers for the end of the book. I don’t. I find it pathetic.

The pacing and plot of the book fail on all accounts. This is something a thirteen year old would write and look back on and groan. I can’t believe this is a published piece of work.

So far, this is one of the worst pieces of utter garbage I have ever read. It lacks everything; good pacing, good characters, good premise, good writing. There is nothing worth praising in this book.

And with that, I shall be starting Burnt Offerings on the thirtieth. Goodo.




6 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter forty six

  1. Anita’s world has far more potential than anything Anita herself does. Like the shapeshifting halfway house; I always read it as a Hotel California kind of thing. You check in, but the staff will always find some reason to say you’re not ready to face the rest of society yet (due to fear, hatred, whatever),and keep making up excuses to disallow you to get out.

    Granted, as an American, I can also sadly see this being possible. Civil liberties in this country only matter to WASPs and the rich; the rest of we plebians have no real say when it comes down to the wire. I can completely buy that in an America that just happens to have vampires and werewolves, they would be that world’s equivalent of immigrants: the country needs them, but hates their existence and keeps trying to find ways to get rid of them. I can only imagine it being twice as shitty when you can have an order of execution put down on your head, or your parents can apparently tell an executioner to stake their not-yet-risen daughter without giving her a chance to rise and thus defend herself.

    …yeah, tl;dr my country can suck.

  2. “Can I still be the scourge of vampire kind when I’m sleeping with the head bloodsucker?

    You bet.”

    You know, looking back, she has really only killed like, four or five vampires herself over the course of all these books. Almost all of them while they were asleep, or by ambush and with with a small posse of heavily armed backup. I’m not sure that qualifies her to be a ‘scourge’.

  3. Yeah, the voluntary commitment where you never can get out is pretty believable. It was a treatment which happened to gays in the USA. In fact, the one thing I find entirely believable in this book is the prejudiced murderous treatment of supernaturals without ever going to genocide levels.

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