A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter forty five

I’m back, you guise! Been away at a joust, had a hawk land on my head… I’ll get the pictures up in a few days. I had like three hawks on me.

And I’m back into Anita Blake, and the last two pointless chapters. As in they’re both wrapping up the story when it could have been one chapter.

Anita wakes up in hospital, Edward watching over her. Oops, I mean ‘Ted’.

He had that good ol’boy smile that could only mean he was pretending to be Ted Forrester. It was his only legal identity that I’d ever met.

That sentence does not read right.

Even the cops thought he was this Ted person.

Because the police are so incompetent that they can’t match up fingerprints or DNA evidence. Having a double identity, especially when one of your identities is a notorious bounty killer of shapeshifters, is increasingly difficult in the information age. I don’t buy for a minute that Edward, with all his flashy tech, isn’t being watched by the government.

Richard and JC are alive, after having drunk nearly all of Anita’s blood. While she was unconscious. Nice. But she’s safe, as the police are outside the door, ready and waiting to face whatever wants to kill her.

Edward asks if she needed to kill Harley. Anita confirms that indeed, LKH had no plans with his character and he had to die. But Edward is over being upset, as he’s snuck a gun into the hospital. That Edward! Always putting innocent people in danger! And it’s all a stupid twist to lead Edward to ask Anita to be his help on cases! I hate this book!

They close out the chapter by talking about dating (eugh) and ahahahahaha they’re such sociopaths! Isn’t that wonderful!


No, it isn’t.

I am not going to laugh at Edward and think ‘aw, shucks, they’re exchanging banter about their ability to brutally kill people and not care’. I am going to think how awful this book is because I am incapable of having empathy for any character.


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter forty five

  1. The pacing in this story is so unbelievably awful. I thought that stories should build to a climax. This story goes has long chapters of nothing, three different scenes for a climax – Richard v Marcus, Gabriel the incompetent rapist and rotting vamp – which are interrupted by a sex scene which removes any sympathy I could have had for any character. Even if the characters were likable, this is not how you tell a story! Why do we need this scene? No one cares about Harley! He was on stage for less than a chapter before he died! This is so stupid!

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