A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter forty four

I’m going to be off again tomorrow for a few days. The Killing Dance will be finished next week, then I’ll recommend something good to read, before starting Burnt Offerings.

Anita is running around in her tiny knickers and trainers until she finds Richard and Jean-Claude hanging from trees. They’re chained up and JC is draped with crosses. Anita is surprised they’re not dead.

You were told that they’re going to be killed for the spell to stop Sabin’s rotface. Why would they be killed BEFORE the ceremony, Anita? That would defeat the entire purpose.

Dominic is in his druid robes and waving around Robert’s heart. Oh, I see that’s been resolved. In a way that entirely contradicts what we were told about the spell to save Sabin from his rotface.

Anita’s response is to shoot Dominic, but with Dom, Sabin, and Cassie inside a super special magic circle that keeps her and her bullets out. Anita taunts them by saying that they’ve lost when… no, they seem to have the upper hand in the situation.

“The vampire council has forbidden any of you to fight each other until Brewster’s Law is either passed or voted down. They’ll kill you for disobeying them.”

It’s not much of a fight, is it? Dominic is going to sacrifice them, not shove them in a pit and bet on them.

Sabin says he could not give a fuck. Anita prattles on about some offer that she didn’t make to have a vampire mark put on her, and saying that they should do it tomorrow. Dominic says he doesn’t give a shit, and apparently floats up to the tree where Richard is hanging to lay Robert’s heart on Richard’s chest. Well, how do you explain it? They haven’t let him down. Dominic monologues about his POWER and the POWER washes over Anita.

Luckily, Edward can go into the circle. Good thing he came along. Dominic stabs Richard with a sword, and Edward shoots him down mid-air. Dominic now leaps on Edward with a sword, because he thinks that’s what you bring to a gunfight. Cassie leaps on Edward, so Harley appears. Cassie is described as ‘dainty’ to stop people thinking she is comparable to Anita, and gets shot. Edward shoots Dominic’s face off and shoots Robert’s heart. Anita shoots Sabin’s head off.

Then Harley screams about seeing monsters and Anita shoots him.

Harley was an entirely pointless character. What purpose did he serve?

Anita undoes the chains of JC and Richard. Richard is alive. Huzzah. JC is blocking Richard’s POWER. He would drain the life out of them if JC allowed it. When Richard dies, JC will die because…. why am I questioning it? I’m glad to see them die. But Anita offers to refill Richard’s batteries, so it’s all okay. LKH promised that after the ‘heart-rending’ death of Philip in Guilty Pleasures that no characters Anita cared for would ever die, ever again, and often boasts of it. Yeah, way to ruin any tension in your books ever and remove any point of reading them.

JC has to do the third mark and there’s blue fire and Anita feels sorry for herself. She goes inside JC’s head or something. I don’t care.

Meh. Wish I was leaving the blog on a bigger note or something interesting. Weh. Maybe I’ll post a horror story I wrote. It’s better than this rambling mess.


9 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter forty four

  1. The marks were endlessly confusing to me until I stopped reading the series. Since I’m pretty sure they get the fourth in NiC, which, to my recollection, means Richard and Anita are now immortal. But the number of marks they have seems to keep changing. *throws up hands*

    • I get confused with the ‘you have to be willing’ ‘you don’t have to be willing’ ‘they can happen accidentally’ ‘we might already have them and not have noticed’ ‘I can’t possibly get all 4 marks because of reasons’ and all the other nonsense.

      This is a sucky conclusion of plot points. Robert’s murder should have been mentioned again. Anita should have been investigating the symbols on the walls and come across a ritual that used a vampires heart. There should have been something! But all of this came right out of left field and I have no impression of Sabin or Dominic as characters at all! Why was the focus of the book on the irrelevant assassins rather than the evil vampire plot to sacrifice them? As a story telling device, it makes no sense!

      • “As a story telling device, it makes no sense!”

        LKH’s M.O., unfortunately. I do remember Obsidian Butterfly not being so bad at it, but it’s also a book that does not have either Jean-Claude Van Schtupp, or Richard; it’s Anita in another state entirely, along with Edward. So I think it’s a bit less of a tangle just because she doesn’t have to write about the other two and everything that comes along with them.

        Then again, I haven’t read OB in a while, so I could be remembering something entirely different from memory. I *do* remember being pissed at the end, for minor reasons.

    • No, Anita and Richard still only have three marks. In NiC, the marks were married (whatever that means) by way of writhing around on the middle of a floor of a club.

    • Post It note fell off the board; she totally found it near the end, realized he was involved, then decided to shoot him for shits and giggles.

      (Yes, this will be my answer to all problems: the Post It note disappeared. Because it’s probably true.)

    • Harley was a (I can barely bring myself to use the next word for LKH’s writing) plot (ouch) device to set up Obsidian Butterfly. He has no other purpose or actually value.

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