A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter forty one

There’s only five more chapters of this book left. Soooooo….

  • How self-righteous is Anita going to be?
  • Are we ever going to get to Sabin?
  • What about finding who murdered Robert?

I mean, christ, none of these have been mentioned lately and I’m not sure how they’re going to be wrapped up. LKH has been more concerned with her weird rape fantasies than actually sorting out the major plot points. Each of her books has a discordant lack of balance between the A and B plotlines, which makes reading her books… not difficult, but jarring. Pick something to focus on and stick to it.

I called Edward’s answering service and left a message. I couldn’t stay where I was. I couldn’t stay here staring at the wrecked bathroom and remembering Richard’s wounded eyes.

Anita only appears to be upset that her triforce won’t work without Richard. And then gets jealous that he might sleep with Raina. Wow. I couldn’t like your character less even if you were a super-powered mechanised robot powered by the brains of the world’s most genocidal fuckheads.

I dressed in black jeans, a black, short-sleeved blouse, and a black blazer. I had to work tonight, and Bert would kick a fit about me wearing black. He thought it gave the wrong image. Screw him. Tonight, black fit my mood.


Cassie knocks at the door and comes in. She grins at the sight of the wrecked bed. You know, I’ve never understood people reacting like that to their friend’s sex lives. Maybe it’s because I’m asexual. Being a weird sort of cheerleader to other people’s sex lives makes me very uncomfortable. That is a personal thing, and I know that others do feel comfortable with that sort of attitude between friends. So… yes… this is going nowhere. Let’s move swiftly on.

She was wearing a long, white dress that fell nearly to her ankles. White hose and white canvas flats completed the outfit.

Cassie, an intelligent and powerful woman, is reduced to the level of damsel in distress. Well, we couldn’t have a likeable female character who was an ass-kicker in this book – she’d show up Anita.

Anita says that she has slept with Jean-Claude and Richard knows, smashing up the room and the bed. Cassie asks if he beat Anita. Um, right. Okay. Domestic abuse is treated as the natural consequence of relationship problems. I find that very problematic.

Cassie, who is super strong, asks Anita to help her lift the mattress, as we can’t have an independent woman other than Anita.

“I like you, Anita. I like you a lot. I wish I didn’t.”

Why do you like Anita, Cassie? She has done NOTHING but insult you to your FACE. She constantly belittles your experience, intelligence, and abilities. You should despise her.

I had time to frown at her, then her delicate –

Can’t have Cassie be strong and powerful!

– fist came out of nowhere, a blur of speed that smashed into my face. I left my self fall backwards. I smashed into the floor and couldn’t save my head from that extra smack against the carpet. It didn’t hurt. I didn’t feel a damn thing when the blackness closed over me.

I’m sorry, you have to give me a minute. I have to read that over.

It just feels so good.

Cassie’s reaction is justified, both on a personal and pack level. She knows Richard, and must be friendly with him. He’s also her alpha, and has been disrespected.

oh man

have to read that again

oh yeah


3 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter forty one

  1. *Deep breath*


    Well. Text never really explained why Cassie felt the need to say she thought Anita was super-cool before knocking her lights out, but the actual knocking in question was so soothing I find I no longer care. ^_^

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