A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter thirty seven

Richard turned to me, wearing only the leather pants and the boots. Marcus had asked that they not strip down, said something about saving an old man’s dignity. Bullshit. There was something in the air that I didn’t like, as if Marcus had known what was coming and he was ready.


  • Whenever I read the word pants, I immediately think ‘underwear’ and it makes it 100% more hilarious.
  • Maybe he’s asking to not strip because it’s silly?
  • and because of his solid gold tux
  • and isn’t marcus the same age as richard?
  • yeah, it’s almost like Marcus knows that a fight to determine alpha involves one of the dying. *headdesk*

Marcus gets to choose which form they fight in. Richard asks Anita to touch him, to grip him.

Anita grabs hold of Richard and his body is full of POWER as he begins to change shape. Anita falls to the ground, certain he’s going to kill her or something, but he stops and remains human.

“How can you stop like that?”

He drew his newly formed hands carefully out of my hands. I shivered as the tips of his claws trailed over my skin.

“Controlling the change is what separates the sheep from the wolves,” he said.

It took me a second to realize he’d made a joke.

Because it was a shitty, nonsensical joke that is only relevant due to the mention of wolves.

Richard asks Anita to touch him if he changes shape.

She can ride the POWER and use it to get the wolves out of here. But she must be careful if she touches him –


as he isn’t human and has a lot of claws and shit. She then asks about his penis.

Raina and Marcus are making what is their potential goodbye. She kisses him and they talk and make actual jokes together. Anita deduces that she is, therefore, evil and planning to kill her.

Marcus raised his clawed hands over his head. He turned in a slow circle. “Two alphas fight for you tonight. One of us will leave this circle alive. One of us will feed you tonight. Drink of our blood, eat of our flesh. We are pack. We are lukoi. We are one.”

Yum cannibalism.

Marcus has chosen death and he doesn’t wait around. He straight out launches himself at Richard and cuts him across the stomach. Marcus just keeps on going and Richard does nothing. Anita immediately thinks that Team Marcus are cheating and proposes to shoot all of them. This means that, yes, the evil people are of course evil, and brought a knife to a wolf fight. Sebastian tries to shank Richard through the throat with a silver dagger and Anita makes his head explode with her gun.

Richard and Marcus continue to fight and then Richard rips Marcus’s heart out.

Marcus shuddered. Richard broke away from him, bringing his bloody hand out of Marcus’s chest. He tore the still-beating out of his chest and flung it to the wolves.


Anita begs Richard to murder Raina but he refuses and begins howling all over the place.

“Ride the power, Anita. Ride it or run.”

Richard has a lot of POWER. Anita decides to clutch him as hard as possible – even though he is changing into a fucking wolf.

Honey, why don’t you just go out and play in traffic? It’d be just as safe.

Richard changes into a wolf and Anita doesn’t let go. She gets covered in clear liquid while he rubs his genitals in her face.

Anita is very stunned and says that she will not eat Marcus’s body. Richard, who is a wolf at this point and should be unable to talk, says that she can hunt or go, he doesn’t care.

Richard, you’re a seven foot tall wolf. Why do you have vocal cords?

Anita leaves, with Richard accusing her of not taking in the POWER. She is obsessed with the idea that they are going to eat her, even though she is part of the pack and they wouldn’t dare. She thinks about how all the wolves are eating her fear and is all angry and crap.

So…. this is supposed to be the moment that severs Anita and Richard’s relationship right?

Because it literally didn’t have much impact and all I came away with is that ‘Anita is really stupid’.

So….. is adamantium an alloy?

Random I know, but I watched a documentary on metals. Pure metals are weaker than alloys as the crystalline structure of a pure metal makes it more pliable and likely to break. So is adamantium, an indestructible metal, an alloy then?


19 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter thirty seven

  1. Why is Marcus evil? He wanted to kill Anita, but I count that under services to humanity. Given that she’s used magic to kill, she should be executed anyway. Other than that, and appalling fashion sense, what has he done that’s so bad? I don’t get why I’m meant to see him as a villain.

    • I never saw Marcus as being overtly evil. He’s a very reasonable guy in The Lunatic Cafe and the whole ‘hire a hitman to kill Anita’ thing was a very thin excuse to make it okay for Richard to kali marr him to death. That said, he was aware that Raina was sexually abusing members of his pack and was making snuff movies. It is implied that she was controlling him, but that was said as a bit of a throwaway line.

      So… I’m not sure why Marcus is evil, other than hack writing.

      • I see! So he is the man, so obviously he should be responsible for what his evil girlfriend does! Because obviously, women have no agency of their own. Why can’t Anita just shoot Raina, rather than have everyone dance around in their stupid outfits raising TEH POWERZ!

        I miss when Anita could fight bad guys in an ugly Halloween jumper.

      • Eh, that was actually one of the few nuances LKH ever wrote. Marcus was a perfectly decent guy so in love with Raina (a vicious evil psychopath) he cooperated in her deeds even as she escalated from porn to murder.

  2. How dare you! Anita does stuff that makes sense! She goes out in public when assassins are after her…insults the only person trying to help her undo her necromancy fuckup…shoots people who offer her little or no provocation…refuses to get a serious cut treated…sends innocent vampires to burn themselves to death…lies to police officers so they can neither protect her nor do their jobs…yeah, I got nothing.

  3. Yes. This is why Anita runs to Lestat Lite in the next chapter; because Richard did what she told him to do, and then changed on top of her (which, granted, she ASKED him to do, just not whilst pinning her down), and basically scared her shitless. And since Richard is Laurell’s avatar for her first husband, this is also where he begins a slide into batshittery unknown before: hating himself for being a monster, then hating Anita for “being a better monster” (yes, seriously), trying to be all democratic and shit in the wolf pack (which is not crazy to me, but I’m not LKH)…..yeah.

    And I do believe adamantium is technically an alloy, yes, as it’s a bunch of metals mixed together, if I recall. But “adamantium alloy” probably didn’t sound as cool.

    • She wasn’t really being pinned down – she was on the ground and decided to hold onto him while he changed. It could have been entirely avoided if she’d just not wrapped her arms around him and held on.

      • Yeah, but I remember her basically blaming him for “pinning” her down, so she couldn’t escape, and thus panicked.

        No one claims she can remember what’s she written just a few chapters beforehand. Lost the Post-It notes, maybe.

  4. Oh. Because the other article needed a follow-up, and this seems a strangely appropriate time: http://comicsalliance.com/mark-millar-rape-kick-ass-2/ Mark Millar explaining that rape doesn’t matter. He also thinks people whine too much about sexism, apparently: http://www.newsarama.com/8436-update-the-q-pros-are-american-comic-books-sexist.html

    Contrast that with this article about sex and women in comics, which could arguably be sent to LKH unironically: http://comicsalliance.com/starfire-catwoman-sex-superheroine/

    • I hate it when men say ‘oh but superheroes are sexualised too, they have all the six packs and stuff!’. DUDE NOT THE SAME. That’s a male power fantasy, and the superheroes are not made into objects that exist for one purpose. How can Millar not understand that?

      • Because he’s a fucking asshat.

        I couldn’t even read them. Just the descriptions had me livid. I could only imagine what his actual “words” would do.

      • Millar was trying to defend Hit-Girl’s gangrape and how it should have been in the film and i thought my innards would crack under the pressure of turning around so much.

      • Millar doesn’t understand because he literally doesn’t understand. Seriously, his writing is so formulaic and atrocious it grinds my teeth.

        And yes, the fact he wanted that rape scene in the movie as he wrote it just epitomizes the problems I have with him. (Apparently the movie kept the “evil dick” line and the threat of rape, but end it with a joke of performance issues. In the comic, she gets raped. Flat out.) He seriously thinks rape is just edgy. That, and pretending to be gay to the girl one likes, just to be near her, and then being righteously beaten to shit by said girl’s boyfriend once she finds out the truth.

        He literally can’t seem to write anything that isn’t ridiculous in its level of violence and misogyny, and his take on the X-Men in the Ultimate universe was to create a bunch of clones with different names, but the same “edgy” attitudes. It blows my mind that people think he can write.

      • ‘edgy’ ugh. That’s the mentality behind Man of Steel. Angst makes you edgy! Being a dick makes you edgy!

        No. Drama and seriousness comes from good characters and good storytelling. You cannot force edginess. It’s organic. It must be grown.

      • All I know of Man of Steel is that he apparently destroys Metropolis as he stops the villain. Because we all know Superman is about ignoring the safety of others.

  5. They should just stop making Superman movies. After the first one in the 70’s, it’s been nothing but downhill.

    Of course, I say that knowing full well they’re going to make a Superman/Batman movie.

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