A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter thirty

The last time I’d been in the coffin room under Circus of the Damned, I’d come to slay the current Master of the City. I’d come to slay every vampire in the place. My, how things had changed.

Wait, what?

Why are you going to kill all the vampires? You raised a few with necromancy. Why does that translate into ‘now I must kill them all’? I feel like I’ve missed a chapter where it was revealed that if you control a vampire with necromancy it makes them incurably insane and therefore have to be killed.

She opens up a few coffins and begins rifling through the contents of the owners. Nice.

“Why all the same coffins?”

“If you came in here to kill us, where would you start?”

I looked around at the identical coffins. “I don’t know. If someone comes in, they can’t tell who’s the oldest or whose the Master of the City. It covers your ass but endangers the rest.”


Anita then asks some really dumb questions about the coffins. ‘oh, why are they so big?’. I don’t know Anita. I don’t know because my job is not to HUNT AND KILL VAMPIRES. This is stuff you SHOULD KNOW, ANITA.

Anita then thinks about how she doesn’t understand Richard at all. Yeah, you really seem like you’re madly in love with him. Oh, the burning passion.

Stephen then comes in and asks if he’s due to be a human sacrifice.


where did that come from?

Anita declares that they need a lot of blood, and notices that she is controlling Damian with her magic powers. JC says if they are raising power again, then Richard shouldn’t give the blood as he’s fighting Marcus tonight.

Richard is fighting Marcus tomorrow night. You’ve told us that already.

Richard then says that JC is forbidden from taking blood from Anita, because she is forbidden from having a say in this by way of having a womb. You see, she just doesn’t understand that feeding, to a vampire, is like sex.

Yes, Anita knows nothing about vampiric urges, as it’s not like she HUNTS AND KILLS THEM FOR A LIVING.

And I am utterly sick of how Richard keeps forbidding (or letting) people have access to Anita’s body without asking what Anita’s opinion on it is. It is NOT his right to say what is and isn’t acceptable. It is Anita’s choice, and hers alone.

Richard drew me to him with his hands still holding only my upper arms, drew me to tiptoe as if he’d drag me to his face.

‘Let me prove how much I love you with fear and pain!’

“Without mind control, it’s like rape, not the real thing. It’ll be real this time.”

That makes no sense. When Anita is drugged to be bitten and doesn’t know what’s happening, it’s not rape. If she gives consent and is conscious, then it’s rape.

LKH, you apparently have no understanding of how consent works. This is scary.

Anita tells Richard that he’s hurting her, but he ignores this. He says JC can drink from the werewolves. Anita points out that he has no right to offer up other people to be bitten without asking them. Well, she points this out after she says that the ceremony wouldn’t work anyway without the blood of one of the triforce.

But at least she points it out.

Plus – what ceremony?

“You say you’ve chosen me. That you’re in love with me. That you don’t want to have sex with him. Now, you tell me you want him to feed off you. That’s as bad as sex.”

She’s giving blood for a magic ceremony, not being JC’s blood bag. I think this is all stupid and pointless, but there is a clear difference.

Anita points out that if Richard wants to beat Marcus without killing him, this is what they have to do. Look, Anita is being the voice of moderate sense in the chapter. Pigs fly and hell is a wonderful ice skating rink.

“It isn’t the blood that bothers you. What bothers you is that you enjoyed it. Jean-Claude isn’t just seducing me, he’s seducing us.”

So that’s Richard’s problem – he’s scared of getting boy cooties.

No, that doesn’t explain why he is such an unrepentant asshole.

JC smiles and sends power through the room.

He glided towards us, wearing nothing but his silk pajamas and a knowing smile.

… then he is wearing a full set of pyjamas. He’s not wearing nothing. He’s wearing a suit that you sleep in.

Richard puts his hand on JC’s shoulder, and Anita is instantly turned-on. Whoah, careful, with this man-on-pyjama action, things are getting dangerously hot…

There’s talking about riding the power, and not letting it ride them. POWER. Anita decides to call obvious bad guy Dominic Dumare and see if he knows anything about stopping one’s necromantic control over vampires.

It’s casually mentioned in passing that oh, Dumare didn’t murder Robert. Thanks for that. I was only thinking that Robert’s death was important, but it’s less important than all this bullshit about POWER.

This all just goes to prove that Richard is just as nasty as JC and I can’t wish any of this on a woman like Anita. No one deserves this shit.


5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter thirty

  1. Honestly, I think the “last time” she’s referencing is from book one, when she tried to stake the Claudiaclone, I mean, the old Master of the City whose name I can’t remember to spell correctly at the moment. May be one of the very few times she’s tried to bring up a past event properly, instead of retconning it.

    • Oh, yes, I misread.

      I thought what Anita was saying was ‘Last time I was in this room – in Guilty Pleasures – was to kill all the vampires. I am now – in Killing Dance – going to kill all the vampires again’.

      I see what she means now! D’oh! (I blame LKH’s writing for this)

      • Understatement of the year. Each and every time I start to feel sorry for one of them, he or she does something idiotic, evil, or both in the very next chapter and I just lose it. It is like she based this series on an incredibly dark black comedy parody of supernatural horror/romance, and never realized her template wasn’t a serious example so she played it totally straight.

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