A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter twenty nine

Anita demands that she be taken to the coffin room. JC refuses, because she has a habit of killing vampires in their sleep. Anita promises that she won’t intentionally kill anyone, but she can’t make any promises. Uncontrollable powers and all that.

Here’s a thought – why don’t you try exploring and finding ways to control your powers? You’re supposedly this amazing all-powerful animator and necromancer, and yet you don’t display any interest in what you can do. My niece, who is not even two, spends more of her time questioning her place in the world, what role she plays, and what exactly she can do.

Anita, a child who cannot even talk has more philosophical and existential thought than you have. So grow up, and try and control your snowflake powers.

Anita goes on about how she’s flying blind and that she doesn’t know what she can do and I want to slap her in the face. I cannot bear wretched, self-pitying, laziness. There will have been other necromancers in history. You can explore what you can do. And it isn’t like you have any hobbies and interests that might divert your time away from controlling a magic power that can control the dead.

Here is Young Ned from Pushing Daises, working out how his magic ability to control the dead works. So shut your lazy face Anita.

Cassie jumps up and points out that Anita could order the vampires back in their coffins. She should will them to be like a zombie, just not completely like a zombie. It’s a bit hamfisted and explaining every little detail so Anita ‘shit for brains’ Blake can work it out, but I’m glad someone at least has some common sense. Cassie, you see, has a master’s degree in magical theory.

Anita openly insults her for it.

Just because another woman shows up your ignorance and laziness doesn’t mean you can treat her like shit for being an educated young woman.

Cassie then gets further shat on when the deadly triforce talk about her openly as if she wasn’t there, about how she needed permission to live here. They then talk about how she believes in the sanctity of life, and how silly that is.

I like Cassie. Cassie and Leah ought to team up to take down Zygons in the AU universe.

Richard and Anita snog about how she’s such a killer and she will never change.


She breaks off from the make out to ask JC how turned on he is.


this is just so pathetic and teenage. i would never hold my writing up as this amazing stuff, but i grew out of writing crap like this years ago.

Jean-Claude grabbed my wrist. “Do not tease me, ma petite. My control is not boundless.”

Boundless? That’s an odd choice of word.

And – ‘oh, well, I only raped you because of what you were wearing. It’s not my fault, you should have been more careful’.

Can romantic leads stop dropping lines that sound like they’re a rapist on Law & Order SVU?

Anita says she will give JC blood if she can go to the coffin room. Richard’s eyes are full of lust so it’s all okay and stuff.

I hate all these people. I hate this book and the fact I am more than half way through and NOTHING IS HAPPENING.


3 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter twenty nine

  1. hmmm, maybe. One touch to the dead, they’re alive for…a minute? and then if he doesn’t touch them again, something else has to die instead that’s close by. That’s all I remember. But I’m not sure he could kill something undead 😉 I don’t think he ever saw a vampire in his world, unless I just missed that episode.

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