A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter twenty eight

… And I am back. For good. Ish. I’ll be going to Derby in a week and a bit, so reviews will be on hiatus again for a few days. But yay for more Anita sporking! Yay for that double-edged sword!

JC opens the chapter by laughing his head off at everything. Eugh. He makes my skin crawl. His response to any situation is to laugh and make it worse. If he wasn’t the romantic lead, he’d be a really good villain. Mainly because he reminds me of a serial killer, toying with his prey. He says that Richard must be given more magic to impress the pack, because zombies are Anita’s domain.

Why does Richard need to impress the pack with magic when most of them have defected to him already? And you’ve already said that the zombies were a side effect of the triforce ceremony bullshit.

“But first, I think I have a question or two for you, myself, ma petite. I think it is not only Richard that you are emasculating today.”

Anyway Anita has control over a bouncer from Danse Macabre and it’s all a big surprise because JC wasn’t aware she had control over vampires. I can’t remember whether she showed him or not that she could do that, but it’s trussed up with a big red bow as a present to the reader as if it’s something wonderful.

JC says how it’s a very big problem so he zips over and grabs Anita’s arm. Anita, being Anita, pulls out two guns on him.

Richard came closer. He didn’t touch either of us. He just stared from one to the other. “Is he hurting you, Anita?”

“No,” I said.

“Then should you be pointing a gun at him?”

“He shouldn’t be touching me,” I said.

Richard’s voice was very mild. “He just finished touching you a lot more than this, Anita.”

“Why are you helping him?”

“He helped me.”

Let’s back this shit up. Let’s remove Anita’s guns, and instead imagine that she’s just defending herself with her fists.

Now we have a situation where a woman has told a man repeatedly to stop touching her. In a fit of pique, he grabs her and she tries to defend herself. Then her boyfriend decides to but in. Her attacker isn’t really hurting her, so she has no right to defend herself. In fact, he damn near has a right to grab her inappropriately!

This is why I don’t like Richard any more, even with all the shit Anita constantly pulls. Because he just waved away her right to not consent and to defend herself, as if as a man he has an automatic right to do that. To pay back a giggling rapist who… didn’t let Anita kill him in her madness. Yes, yes, I know that Anita is a horrible human being and abuses Richard constantly. But no one should have the power over another living creature to define what they should consent to.

“Besides, if you kill him over something small and stupid, you’ll never forgive yourself.”

Shut up Richard.

Anita is all sad because Richard knows she has been Stockholm Syndrome’d  into loving JC and into thinking that being assaulted is acceptable in relationships. She tries to say sorry to him, but doesn’t because if you love someone, you should never cause them pain.

isn’t that a reason for apologising to someone?

JC asks that Anita puts back his people, although she’s only summoned one vampire I’ve never heard of before. She ums and ahs over it, as she knows nothing about her powers STILL. She then notices Willie McCoy is in the room, all controlled and jazz, and JC and her have a little battle of Simon Says with his brainless body. Fun. Anita cries because Willie is dead.

Honey, he’s a vampire. Dead is in the job description.

JC then asks about the death of Magnus Bouvier and about ‘oh, how come he was set on fire, almost like a vampire was holding him?’ and Anita has to admit that she forced a vampire to self-immolate to murder a man she found inconvenient. She tries to say how guilty she is and how she was doing it to escape Serephina (no, anita, i read it. i know what happened) and Richard can only say how he cannot understand the concept of killing someone else to save yourself.

I know I’m trying to have it both ways, but I really dislike the both of them. Anita, for her ‘selfless’ BS when she was going to kill Magnus anyway, and Richard for being so utterly fucking dense. I mean, he might not approve but he can understand the concept, right?

Anita then asks JC about what’s worrying him.

Well, that came the fuck out of nowhere, like LKH pasted together two scenes that didn’t work on their own. It’s such an awkward segue. JC huffs about how they can’t talk about any of this, lest it embarrass Anita.

Oh, and the Grand High Vampire Council may kill her. But the embarrassment is clearly more important.

Richard tries to get back on topic about the whole ‘you burnt people alive??’ thing but Anita is like ‘well, i feel bad, does that make up for it?’. JC then kisses her and says how much he desires her.

Can you stop saying shit like that in conjunction with discussions about burning people alive? It doesn’t make you look like less of a creepy serial killer, you know.

And Anita promises to go put back the vampires OKAY I AM TIDYING UP MY TOYS NOW GOD and I guess the discussions over how she likes to burn people alive and JC likes that are over.

which is good for today.

So, how has everyone been? Meet any guys who get turned on by the idea of burning flesh?

seriously, JC will never be okay or acceptable to me. ever.


5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter twenty eight

  1. What’s so depressing about looking at this series again is knowing how bad it gets. Because LKH clearly doesn’t understand going to a therapist for her issues, we get them written out on the page in the form of Richard turning into a headcase (since he’s her first, and ex, husband expy) and Jean-Claude somehow becoming a loving and supportive boyfriend. In her mind, anyway. He’s still a massive dick. (Not literally; that comes later. I am so sorry.)
    Also, I couldn’t understand Richard at this point either; no, it doesn’t matter what JC and Anita were doing twenty minutes ago, she said to back off, and he didn’t. I remember that feeling all too well, and even now, it boggles me when people don’t understand such a simple concept.

    • The main issue I’m having now is that the inconsistency of characterisation is making it hard for me to sympathise with anyone. Anita is always consistent in being inconsistent with her bullshit, but Richard will be a normal human one minute, some moronic ass who doesn’t understand agency or basic concepts the next. There are definitely some real world issues fighting it out in these characters, and it’s damaging some already shaky characterisation.

    • My sympathies for Richard ebb and flow but have just about all gone at this point. Which is a shame, because he could have been a good counterpoint to JC and his giggly rapey madness.

  2. I still feel bad for Richard. He continues to get shit on more and more (especially later on). And it feels more like he’s trying to subtly point out her inconsistencies to her. And I’m just so tired of LKH having Anita be all “OH MY GAWD I WANT JC’S PEENOR SO BAD HE’S BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS DELIGHTFUL GODLY PENIS OF DARKITY DARK GOFF” one second and then the next she’s pulling two guns on the guy for touching her arm. Richard saying that doesn’t scream “You have no right to do this!” to me, it says “You’re over-reacting a bit, don’tcha think?” Because she didn’t say “Don’t touch me!” to JC. She hasn’t even addressed him, besides pulling the guns on him, she’s talking only to Richard.

    LKH, we get it, Anita is going to be with JC. Or JC and Richard. (Or JC, Richard, Jason, etc, etc, etc.) Stop trying to ret-con this every other paragraph or chapter by having her do a weird split-personality where one Anita is half-obsessed with JC, and the other one wants to murder him on sight. People don’t work like that.

    It’s like the tiny part of logic that still exists in LKH’s mind is coming out as Richard and screaming: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? PUT THE GUNS AWAY. We entered a business deal you can’t just shoot your partners!”


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