A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter twenty six

And a very lovely weekend to all of you! I’ll be posting today and tomorrow, but it’ll be another week before we can return to regular scheduling.

And I would advise you to see The Wolverine; I just saw it today and… well, it certainly obliterated what I had left to repress of X-Men Origins. And there was prettiness. And much killing of bad guys. And the prettiness.

Moving on to today’s review….


Yes, more discussion of POWER. I don’t mind metaphysical magical concepts, as long as they are adequately explained. Take any Discworld book for example; PTerry frequently discusses larger than life metaphysical magical constructs, describing them successfully, letting me understand them, making them a threat, or something that encompasses the movement of planets and stars and the passing of life itself, and then is able to turn them into a punchline. Within the space of a footnote.

LKH mentions POWER as some sort of vague thing that floats about and is important but never deigns to explain what on earth is going on. Is the POWER magical? What kind of magic? Is it a lifeforce thing? Is it some sort of force that prevents people explaining things?

Jean-Claude’s fingertips slid along the edge of my pants. Richard grabbed his wrist. Anger flared from both of them, and that shared power flickered to life.

Is it some sort of emotional thing?

JC and Richard glare at each other over Anita’s prone body. I notice how Richard had to stop JC groping Anita. Anita was not allowed to have any say over whether she consented or did not consent to this.

Anita says the two of them should calm down because they have to go hunt down whatever she raised from the dead. She has to repeat this several times, because JC is apparently totally deaf. He then floats upwards like a puppet and Richard and JC’s ANGER POWER is rolling around in the air like thunder.

Anita warns that she may have raised a whole cemetery of zombies, so they all get dressed and head off to hunt zombies and not do anything to further the plot one iota.

Richard then grabs Anita and holds her off the ground. Wolves are coming. There’s some sort of danger, so Anita runs to the bed – without being put down by Richard so I don’t know how she did that – and pulls out a bunch of Uzis.

Everyone hears snarling wolves come running up the room, and I’m curious as to how the vicious pack managed to break into the Circus of the Damned, a heavily guarded and protected base for the nest of the vampires of St. Louis. That is also a family friendly attraction and is a prominent local landmark.

Sorry, I’m looking for logic in this book again. That is always my mistake.


6 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter twenty six

  1. This review made me picture Anita’s terrified face reflecting in the shiny metal of Optimus Prime as he runs her down.

    Because she must be stopped…no matter the cost.

  2. So once again, LKH has completely lost track of her plot. The blurb said this book was about Anita dealing with assassins gunning for her. But then there’s something about a vampire with a full-body Phantom of the Opera thing, and then there’s whatever the hell this thing is.

    I swear, LKH must have some kind of plotting ADD or something, because this shit keeps happening.

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