A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter twenty four

Updates are going to be fairly patchy over the next two weeks – I’ve got a work experience internship at SFX, the sci fi magazine! I’m heading down to Bath tomorrow evening, and I’m starting on Monday. I’m so excited, and I’ve been waiting for it for a year for this! It’s going to be very cool, so just be aware that I may have to delay being upset about Anita for some evenings.

Anita is waking up and realises that someone with long hair is sat on the bed and staring at her. No, it’s not JC. It’s Cassandra, wearing a voluminous white lace nightgown.

Yes, Victorian nightgown. She looked delicate, doll-like.

Yeah, almost like like that blouse you wore in the last novel. Almost like you’re judging Cassandra for having the exact same fashion tastes as you have. Strangely hypocritical.

Anita had panicked and pulled out her gun so she starts to calm down. She warns Cassie against bothering her in her sleep, while saying that she’s uncomfortable with sharing a bed. She stresses how it’s so not a sexual thing, which I find odd. I’m not overly fond of sharing a bed with people but that’s because I like my own space. Why must LKH always drag sex into everything?

Cassie says that Richard and JC are chatting outside about some sort of plan. JC said to not bother getting dressed, which sets off both mine and Anita’s creep alarms. Anita gets dressed, the whole while thinking about how Cassie just looks so silly and childish and that tomorrow is the big fight between Richard and Marcus.

You said tomorrow yesterday.

Anita thinks about how much she loves Richard and how she wished the clothing she brought was not practical. I guess when you watch your boyfriend tear someone apart you really want to wear your evening gown. The specks of blood and flesh will just make the colour pop. She… walks back into her room, and Richard is standing around in his boxers and JC in a floor-length robe with a fur collar. Richard’s boxers are too tight so Anita must force herself to look at JC. Lordy.

“Do you remember some months ago, before Christmas, when we accidentally set off some sort of magical energy in your apartment?” Jean-Claude asked.


Every time she talks about POWER I think of Jeremy Clarkson. He seems oddly appropriate here.

“Monsieur Zeeman and I believe that the three of us could share power, become a triumvirate.”

I looked from one to the other. “Explain.”

“There is a link between myself and wolves. There is a link between you, my little necromancer, and the dead. Lust and love have always held a magical energy. I can show you individual spells that can use the link between vampire and their animal, between necromancer and vampire. We should not be surprised there is power between us.”

“Make your point,” I said.

Jean-Claude smiled. “I believe we could call up enough power to back down a certain Ulfric. I know Marcus. He will not fight if he believes he has no hope of winning.”

He should know he has no hope of winning, seeing as the whole pack don’t support him. How stupid is Marcus, if he doesn’t realise the blindingly obvious?

JC can bind the two of them as human servants without any vampire marks and they will work as a sort of… tri…force. JC then demands that Anita must wear her sexiest lingerie, as to form this triforce they must all be enflamed with lust.

Yeah, and this lusty triforce will be nothing compared to the power of a simple, unblock-able kill spell. I mean, seriously, I can’t rate the power of lust against the power of Avada Kedavra.

Even though both of them promise this will not involve sex, Anita immediately screams her head off at the possibility of what she keeps referring to as a ménage a trois when she could just call it a threesome and stop being so coy about it. She screams about JC feeding on Jason – which she already knew about, she knew that Jason is JC’s pet – and that JC always has ulterior motives. Are you only just picking up on that now?

Anita stops screaming to start crying. She does not want to have JC permanently in her life. She is genuinely upset and distressed about this, so Richard guilt trips her into agreeing by saying that if Anita really hated JC this much, she’d have killed him a long time ago.

You were doing so well, Richard. You were doing so well.

Anita finally agrees. I’m actually feeling sorry for her again. She is surrounded by the worst of people.


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter twenty four

  1. Good luck with the internship, that sounds awesome!

    Forget you, Anita, I want that nightgown. I *like* looking delicate and doll-like! (Also, Anita points out how like a delicate China Doll she looks so much, but that’s okay and attractive on her because SHE DOESN’T WANT TO OKAY)

  2. Congratulations on your internship! That sounds like it’ll fit you so well.
    I’m… I’m kinda pro Richard here, which surprises me. I mean, at this point she’s freaking out over something that she’s been reassured that wont happen, another thing that has already been resolved, and now something that’s pretty irrelevant to the situation (she’s also bound to J.C. because of the vampire marks).
    Meanwhile, Richard’s doing this so he can not DIE when he does the thing that she’s pressuring him into.

    • I’d normally be pro-Richard too, but this is the first time in a very looooooong time that I’ve seen a genuine human emotion from Anita – well, that wasn’t smug hypocrisy or anger. And her distress actually upset me. She is trying to reject JC for once, recognising what a horrible thing he is, only to be bound to him forever.

      Bit miserable, ennit.

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