A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter twenty three

I sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for Richard to come back into the room. My skin was jumping from Jean-Claude’s parting gift. Only a kiss, and Richard had nearly torn into Jean-Claude and me. What would rich have done if he’d caught us doing something truly lascivious? It was better not to find out.

  • Richard wasn’t going to tear into Jean-Claude and you. He was clearly gunning for JC.
  • Only a kiss? JC was deliberately provoking him to drive a wedge between the two of you. You said so yourself last chapter.
  • ‘Truly lascivious’?  Were you born in 1972 or 1872?
  • I can’t help but notice you’ve forgiven Monsieur Dickwad for his part in this. Quelle surprise.

Richard brings all of Anita’s suitcases in, and I know I’m not especially fond of him but he is quite nice in certain areas. He then makes another grovelling apology for accidentally hurting her while Anita tries to defend JC’s assault on her. Oh, and she cut open his neck with her silver knife. Can’t help but remember that a certain madam left that out of her narration in the last chapter. Whose first response to her boyfriend trying to attack a guy who assaulted her is to attack said boyfriend with a knife?

As he’s pleading for her forgiveness, his nearness makes Anita very horny. Knife fights always make me randy. She then says she would have killed Richard. That’s really going to get him in the mood as well. They hug and then Jason comes crawling in. Jason is all kinds of fucked up as at some point in the last chapter Richard threw him into a wall as well.

A lot of things happened last chapter that I was unaware of.

Anita is outraged. Stop being such a fucking hypocrite Anita. You stabbed Richard in the neck. Richard is cross because Anita asked him to act like an alpha and damnit, he’s acting like an alpha!

“You should see your face. You look so damned outraged. How can you want me to kill another human being and be upset by a little rough and tumble?”

Damn straight.

Richard then licks Jason’s open wound and drinks in some of his blood. It’s described as being ‘like a dog will do’ which has tense issues and um, I’ve never seen my dog drink blood. Anita is horrified, continuing her rampant hypocrisy, and Richard just affirms that this is what he has to do as alpha.

Richard brushed his hair on one side, exposing the wound on his neck. “I am alpha and I feed the pack. I spilled your blood, and now I give it back to you.” The warmth rush of his power spilled through the room.

I don’t lie that POWER is bandied about in as vague terms as possible and it really pisses me off.

Jason stared up at him, hies eyes rolled almost to white. “Marcus doesn’t do this.”

“Because he can’t,” Richard said. “I can. Feed on my blood, on my apology, my power, and never stand against me again.” The air was so thick with power it was hard to breathe.

What the fuck is ‘power’? Is it like smoke? Is it magic? Why do you refuse to explain things?

Jason then slurps on Richard’s blood because that’s how wolves behave. Richard glares at Anita throughout and Anita realises that he’s ‘giving up pieces of his humanity’. No crap, Anita. Get with the programme.

Jason is all excited about having POWER and gosh, is going to tell everyone he can find! Richard demands that he get out. Anita finally understands that if Richard has to use force and fear of having your head ripped off to gain control of the pack that he will have to continue ripping heads to keep control. The pack cannot be split without violence because… all pack members have to give the pack master money, and Marcus would never give that up.

Why do they give him money? If the pack is as old as Richard claims it is, then it dates back to a time when people didn’t tend to carry much money around. Why would it ever operate like that? Why does Marcus need money from his pack members when he’s a successful surgeon and should be earning plenty already? Why haven’t the pack members mutinied if he doesn’t have any real control? At least Richard wants to abolish tithing.

I watched the light in his face, the plans, the dreams. He was building a power based of fairness and boy scout virtues with creatures that could rip out your throat and eat you afterwards. He believed he could do it.

Yeah, I really believe werewolves are so animalistic when they can set up a complicated financial system within the pack structure. And why are werewolves so violent? Wolves aren’t violent. They rarely attack humans. What makes werewolves so violent?

Anita warns that Raina is trouble and that he shouldn’t kill Marcus. Not killing Marcus endangers all the pack so he shouldn’t kill Marcus.

Can’t argue with that logic.

“I don’t know whether to yell at you or hug you.”

“I affect a lot of people that way,” I said. “Look, when we went to rescue Stephen, you should have called a few people. Gone into the situation from a position of strength, with three or four lieutenants at your back. There is a compromise between playing Sir Lancelot and being Vlad the Impaler.”

You don’t know anything about those two figures, do you?

And FYI Anita: you abandoned Richard that night, so that he could go and fight all the pack by himself. The pack members who wanted to kill him. He wasn’t being all heroic – you were being a bitch.

Richard and Anita try to kiss, but she’s repulsed. She demands that he change right here, right now. If he changes, they can ‘make love’ and start planning the wedding. Even though Anita is a hop skip and a jump away from both being forced and letting herself be forced into JC’s arms. And it all sounds like a massive guilt trip.

Richard says that she has to see the ‘lupanar’ (try getting me to say that again) and see the werewolves run around with all their POWER.

“The lukoi call sex the killing dance.”


and why. Do you routinely kill your sexual partners?


“We use the same phrase for battles of succession.”

Why. Why use such a weird poetic term. There’s also some sort of problem and I’ve predicted something horrible is going to happen.

oh and suddenly, Richard is facing Marcus tomorrow. I thought they both had to lie low until the threat of the assassination was over? But no, Richard runs off, leaving Anita in a big building with secure locks and a guy who isn’t against raping her to make Anita love him.

Yeah. Warm feelings towards Richard are sliding again.

6 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter twenty three

  1. … I can’t tell who to hate. It is like they are having two separate conversations and only think the other one is listening as they talk to themselves, and this utter disconnect of logic is making it nigh-impossible to tell if anyone is actually speaking anything like sense here.

  2. In a bizarre way, it’s actually kind of fascinating to read this train-wreck all over again. You can tell that things have gone downhill in LKH’s marriage. Anita’s such an obvious author-avatar, and Richard was based on her husband at the time. The worse things got between LKH and Ex-Hubby, the more Anita started to fawn over JC in the books.

    They’re all still terrible people, though, and I cannot muster the energy necessary to care what happens to them.

      • I wound up reading all the way to…Bullet? I think? Anyway, train wreck. I would describe my feelings for the series’ downward spiral into the lower depths of the Bullshit Pit as “horrified fascination, like when you’re cleaning out your refrigerator and discover something you thought you’d thrown out ages ago but didn’t and now it’s turned into some kind of eldritch abomination jesus fuck did lovecraft write about my fridge.”


        But yeah, the Anita Blake series is like that.

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