A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter twenty

Glad it’s just a short chapter because I’m graduating tomorrow (yay!) and I’ve got my parents over tonight which is, ah, complicated. They haven’t been in a room together in twelve years and the stress is making my IBS flare-up badly. ARGH I WANT TO GOT TO SLEEP AND WAKE UP TOMORROW MORNING, READY TO GRADUATE.

Although I have been waiting for my graduation day since I was a little girl. My first memory is my mother’s university graduation when I was two, so this has been a very long time coming indeed.

Monica is now in hospital. She has not taken Robert’s death well, and the baby is distressed. She has had to be sedated to prevent the baby from miscarrying. This is hugely tragic, but Anita’s only comments are how Monica has careful makeup and that apparently she was gripping onto Anita’s hand so hard blood was dripping down her forearm.


There’s a police officer outside Monica’s hospital room in case a hate group comes to kill her and her baby. Edward rings up and says that the deadline has been extended to forty eight hours.  He advises Anita to go underground but Anita isn’t done being noble. Edward then suggests that she hides out at the Circus of the Damned. That place where Anita’s asshole blackmailing boyfriend lives. Where anyone who knew anything about her would look if Anita wasn’t at home. Sure, Edward says it’s a ‘fortress’ but fire does a lot of damage to fortresses.

Anita is going to stay at Richard’s. Again, a place where someone would immediately think to look for her.

“We’re planning for worst-case scenarios from now on, Anita. No more chances.”

Yeah. Except she’s staying with her boyfriend. Who is famous. In a famous building. How inconspicuous.

Anita phones Richard to let him know of this. Richard is understandably a bit pissed off that his girlfriend is staying with her other boyfriend. He is supportive though, and offers to bring her stuff over for her. Hanging up, Anita then thinks JC might just go ‘eh’ and kill Richard. Wow. What a guy. Anita thinks she could get Damian executed for what he did, but she doesn’t bother to tell anyone.

She’s such a wonderful person. I’m so glad Anita is there to save us all.


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