A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter fourteen

The new club, Danse Macabre, is being opened in a refurbished warehouse. This is good – I like the renewal of urban industrialisation, because I don’t like the demolition of buildings that are still good.

The Riverfront was also known as The District, or Blood Square, though not in polite vampire company.

Hold up – I thought it was the Blood Quarter?

There is a huge mob outside the club, such a huge amount of people that the limo has to be stopped. Is there so little in St. Louis that the opening of a dance club causes this much fuss? Anita is worried about the assassin and JC is a flippant dick. Nothing new here. Anita worries that she is ‘inconsistent’ because she’s dating two men at the same time.

The trouble was I had almost chosen. I almost told him, but I didn’t. First, I wasn’t a hundred percent sure. Second, Jean-Claude had blackmailed me into dating him. Date him or he’d kill Richard. He wanted a chance to woo me away from Richard. Which meant really dating him. As he put it, “If you allow Richard to kiss you, but not me, it is not fair.”

Thank you for finally admitting that it’s blackmail. Although I hate that Anita keeps presenting the blackmail as being her choice even though she knows it isn’t.

JC appears to know what she’s thinking about as he keeps rubbing his face all over her, even though she keeps telling him to stop. He then tells her that the Grand High Vampire Council have elected him, and only him, to be their representative to the entire world’s media, and all the media are waiting for his arrival by the club.


okay, gary stu.

I stepped out of the limo and was glad I was holding his hand. Flashbulbs were everywhere like tiny suns blasting off. The crowd surged forward, microphones shoved at us like knives.

A microphone nearly touched my face. A woman’s voice yelled far too close, “Is he good in bed? Or would that be coffin?”

“What?” I said.

“Is he good in bed?” There was a moment of near silence, while everyone waited for my answer.

Why is everyone going crazy over one vampire and his one supposed girlfriend in one place in the entire world? It doesn’t make ANY sense. The media is perfectly capable of hunting down vampires by themselves, they don’t need to be offered one pathetic example.

He laughed and it flowed down my skin like fur, warm, and ticklish, and vaguely obscene.

Can you stop describing JC’s laugh as being like fur? You clearly have no idea what fur feels like.

“How dare you drag me into that kind of media coverage.”

“It does not endanger you, ma petite.”

um dickwad it totally does. if this is being filmed and broadcast live, then the assassins know exactly where she is.

JC is all ‘ahahahahahahah why are you angry with me? ahahahahaha’ and while Anita goes on about this bollocks about how embarrassed she is and that she never gave JC a real chance, I counter with you have let all the assassins know where she is, you stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid man.

I stared up at him. “I think I owe you an apology.”

His eyes widened. “Then this is a truly historic occasion. What are you apologizing for?”

I wasn’t sure how to put it into words. “You’re right; I’m wrong.”

Why has Anita suddenly become so fucking spineless around JC? I don’t like Anita, but I can at least respect her willingness to stand up and defend herself against any kind of slight, mostly imagined. He has just put your life in danger. You don’t need to apologise to him.

JC demands one dance from her, and Anita feels guilty enough to say yes.

A female vamp strode towards us. She was inches taller than Jean-Claude, which made her at least six feet tall. She was blond and blue-eyed. and if she’d looked any more Nordic, she’d have been a poster girl for the master race. She was wearing a violet body suit with strategic holes cut out. The body that showed through was broad-shouldered, muscular, and still managed to be full-breasted.

Another woman for Anita to hate. This is Liv, who is being judged for having breasts and a muscular frame. She commits the cardinal AB sin – having both masculine and feminine stereotypical attributes, and not being Anita. Liv instantly tries to be intimidating, fails, and tries to attack Anita.

This is tiresome.

She then continues the LKH ‘petty villain’ mould, by stroking JC, belittling Anita, and saying that she really wants to grease his pole. JC refuses, as he will not sleep with anyone until Anita spreads for him. Anita doesn’t see it for what it is – more emotional manipulation – and then JC threatens Liv for being a cardboard cutout from the LKH playbook of antagonists. Liv is upset because Anita’s snowflake powers have suddenly kicked in. She apologises and runs off.

JC leads Anita into the club, which has a massive mobile of dummies made up in bondage wear. Oh great, another combination of sexualised images and childhood imagery. Anita is confused that Liv called her a necromancer.

Anita, you’ve been confused and astounded for being a necromancer for like three books now. Just research it and stop being such a big ball of confused mess.

JC is a well of information. He says that necromancers are able to control all types of undead and this counts as …. two questions? What? He’s also been telling all the other vampires that Anita is able to control them so he can rule over them with fear of reprisal the instant they voice any rebellion.

Well, it doesn’t say that exactly, but JC is sounding remarkably like a big old fascist. Right down to the fact he always seems to have an endless supply of gorgeous Aryan blondes.


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter fourteen

  1. As of the latest book, there is now an American Council and JC is king of it. No other leaders/members are even mentioned that I know of.

    The media are indeed both inexplicably crazy about both JC and Anita and I never understand why either.

    purple bodysuit what. why are all the vampires so fashion-challenged?

    • Grrr, I can’t bring myself to read the new book…having read a chapter by chapter review and not even being able to find that interesting enough. Not that the reviewer was bad 😉 just that…nothing that happened in the story made me want to care. And I’m tired of the Main characters getting all the spoils ;P being king….grrr


      ” Is there so little in St. Louis that the opening of a dance club causes this much fuss? ”

      Not sure how little goes on here 😉 even though I live in St Louis. I never go out much but I do know that when Windows opened a store at a mall called The Galleria close to my house, there was a huge crowd blocking the hall ways around the store so we could hardly get by. 😉 I think they were giving out Tshirts or something…ooh, free stuff. 😉 Yay ;P but I decided to not even bother. Oh, and they were putting on some concert as well, but that was about 10 hours later.

  2. On a side note…that has nothing to do with the review…I finally figured how to add you to my blogger list of things to follow….because all things blogspot, are beyond my feeble computer using skills ;P Stupid blogger….but at least I can see you when you update a little easier. 😉

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