A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter thirteen

Finding dress-up clothes that you can hide a gun in is a bitch.

  1. ‘Dress-up clothes’? Don’t you mean formal or evening wear? Well, unless you’re going out dressed as a clown or a nun.

Anita treats us all to a page of describing how amazing her outfit is; it’s made of various small items of black and implements of death.

She mentioned the dress a few days ago, saying how she wanted to wear it with Richard so they could finally sleep together. Now she’s claiming she never wanted Richard to see it but she’s comfortable wearing it around JC because she can ‘trust’ herself around him.

I’m sorry, but are you not reading back your own books? I’ve been reading them, and I know this is a load of shit.

Richard is agonising over this, and I sympathise. It’s hard knowing that your girlfriend is being chased by assassins, is going to where they’re planning to kill her, and is dressing sexy for a man who is blackmailing her to date him based on the fact that if she doesn’t, he will kill you. And Anita is hardly making the situation better. She could do the considerate thing and not go out, but instead she is dressing in front of Richard and asking for his opinions.

Anita is one heartless bitch.

I walked over to him and took his outstretched hand. He sat me on his lap, legs sideways like you’d sit on Santa.

Why does LKH keep combining sexy imagery with childish imagery? I find it intensely disturbing. Another thing which is intensely disturbing.

Anita asks Richard why he’s worried about tonight. A normal person would be worried that the person he loved was actively walking into a situation where they may die and may end up getting a lot of innocent people killed. Richard is worried that Anita is wearing lingerie.

“You’re wearing lingerie, for God’s sake; you never wear lingerie.”

Does Anita never wear underwear then? But she has large breasts.  She needs some support in her daily life, or they’ll just flap around and get in the way.

Anita promises to not sleep with JC if Richard will shift for her. Richard, as a lead wolf guy, can shift at will and promises to do so. She kisses him as the doorbell rings. She has to go off to this big media frenzy where her presence will end up with people being targeted or hurt.

JC is at the door. Hurray.

Jean-Claude always wore black and white. I’d only seen him in one shirt that wasn’t white. It had been black.

Ha ha.

Anita fusses over her outfit and her hair, going on about how she’s accessorised her gun holster with her dress and handbag, and you know what? I still don’t care. It’s been five pages of this.

Seeing JC for the first time, in his thigh-high boots, Anita is shocked by the fact he is wearing a  – wait for it – BRIGHT RED SHIRT.

JC is all like ‘huh huh i’m gonna kiss Anita’s hand, what are YOU going to do about it Richard??’ but Anita says that it’s childish. Yeah, Anita is pointing out someone else’s childish behaviour.

Edward shows up again and is popping along with a lot of concealed weaponry. He’s her second bodyguard, which I mean he’s going to kill a bunch of people and say that it was protection. Richard and JC then spat about the fact that – shock horror! – Richard wants to kiss Anita goodbye. Anita’s contribution is to have chest pains at the thought of JC’s beauty.

Very helpful.

Anita storms out to the white limo – white to avoid accusations that it’s a hearse.

Sorry, but a limousine looks nothing like a hearse. For a start, it doesn’t have a great big see-through space at the back for a coffin.

Anita bitches that being seduced by a monster is like being crippled, because that’s an adequate metaphor.


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter thirteen

  1. I think by lingerie he means fancy sexy lacey type things, not underwear in general.


    • She’s only wearing a black bra and pants set. It’s just practical underwear for the situation. I guess that anything Anita does is automatically sexy.

      Having to choose between two sexy men is exactly like being incapacitated for life.

  2. When Troy chews out Britta in Community and calls her “human tennis elbow, a pizza burn on the roof of the world’s mouth, and the opposite of Batman,” I like to imagine that he’s saying all of these things to Anita Blake. It makes my world a slightly happier place.

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