A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter eleven

Anita gets dressed in an outfit that is described in excessive detail, and decides to hold a gun to satisfy her persecution complex.

I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that it wasn’t facing a room full of lycanthropes that bothered me, it was facing a room full of people who knew that Richard and I had been making out. I preferred danger to embarrassment any day.

Oh no people know that you like kissing your boyfriend what a terrible problem that you have

Anita is dreading dealing with people, but goes through to the meeting she wasn’t invited to anyway. Rafael, the Rat King, is here. Apparently, Marcus has a vision of united all the shapechangers under one leader because he’s such a horrible guy even though I remember him being perfectly reasonable in The Lunatic Cafe. Raina has ruined him, and even though they could simply get rid of Raina, they need to kill Marcus. And leaving Raina, who is the one actually doing all the horrendous things, to continue doing what she’s doing.

Christine, who I remember Anita didn’t like, is here too, and she’s a weretiger. I can’t remember whether we were told this is The Lunatic Cafe but I find it a bit odd that she can change into a tiger. I know that weretigers are a thing, but Christine doesn’t appear to have any connection with Asia.

Christine proves herself to be the proverbial bitch by daring to ask why Anita didn’t solve this all by killing Raina when she had the chance. A very valid question, I think.

Louie, the wererat professor who I was sure died, is here, in his role as Rafael’s lieutenant. Anita complains to him – in front of everyone – how everyone is being so mean to her. Luckily, Stephen waltzes into the room in a new outfit and distracts her. Louie tells Anita that everyone is just hostile – they’re really not – because JC has started supporting Richard. This means that Marcus can’t be king of the shapeshifters. This is bad because Marcus will go on a mad killing spree if he doesn’t have his way.

Are you sure you’re not describing Anita?

Richard says that Anita should sit with them, but she refuses which causes a shitstorm. This means she’s ‘laughing’ at them. Richard wants her to sit with him, but when she comes over, they get pissy because she isn’t pack. Make up your fucking minds. A guy called Neal is angry because Anita knows their super special secret words.

I mean, no one else is allowed to use these Scandinavian and German words. Not even people from Germany or the Scandinavian countries.

Sylvie suddenly declares that not everything has to do with pack hierarchy so Anita should sit with them. Anita is sad that she agrees with pagans. I can’t believe that they’ve been arguing about where Anita will sit for two pages.

Anita condescends to sit with the shapechangers, all the while thinking how awful it is. Now that the problems with the seating plan are settled, everyone can now talk about who saved Stephen and how awesome that particular person is.

Who knew that a book about being relentlessly hunted by hitmen could be so boring?

Neal is annoyed that Anita saved Stephen so sniffing the pair, he decides to get his own back by being offended that they’ve slept together. Oh, I see the pay off from that ridiculous scene where Stephen and Anita slept together!

Sylvie calls Anita a damn dirty HUMAN and decides to not listen to both Stephen and Anita saying they didn’t do anything.

“Stephen and I did not have sex. We literally slept together, nothing else.”

Neal plunged his face into Stephen’s crotch and sniffed. It wasn’t a very human gesture. Stephen let him do it, and that wasn’t very human, either.

Jason leaned in, sniffing my leg.

Okay, you have, an, issue with your commas. And thrusting your head in someone’s crotch constitutes sexual assault. You should ask permission first.

Neal’s nose knows, and now knows that Stephen and Anita were totally platonic bed partners. So Sylvie grabs Anita around the waits, flings her to the ground, knocks Anita’s gun away, and locks her hands around Anita’s throat in a strangle hold.



Richard throws around power, but doesn’t actually do anything helpful. Sylvie is going to make Anita into Richard’s proper mate, so everyone is just standing around and watching.

Why does no one in these books ever do anything? Why do characters just stand around staring at things and having no discernible opinion on events unfolding before them?

Well, Jason makes jokes. I don’t like Jason anymore.

Richard won’t actually do anything so Sylvie monologues about how Richard just won’t be able to have sex with Anita if she too is a werewolf. Sylvie just drones on and on and on and then BLAM. Richard throws out power, before punching a woman across the room so hard that she flies into a wall.

On one hand: he finally did something.

On the other hand: he punched a woman smaller than he was ten feet into a wall.

“I am pack leader,” Richard’s voice roared, and he raised clawed hands to the sky.

How come he has claws? Wolves don’t have claws! Where have the claws come from?

Richard says that no one is infected without their consent, which is good. Sylvie, who hasn’t learnt anything, says ‘nuts to that you won’t do anything to stop that!’. Rafael says that he will kill anyone to protect Anita because… I guess she helped with with Miss Nikky. Sylvie insults Richard about the Rat King doing his dirty work as she is apparently unable to learnt that insulting guys with the ability to punch you in the face across the room is not a good idea.

A bunch of werewolves who were apparently in the room the whole time without being mentioned or doing anything or saying anything crawl across the floor to lick Richard.

“I will kill to keep you safe. Does that make you happy?”

I stared up at [Richard]. “No,” I said. “I thought it would, but no.”

Strictly speaking Richard, you didn’t say squat about killing anyone to keep Anita safe. You let the only POC in the room stand up and say he’d lay his life on the line for your girlfriend, but you chickened out of saying it yourself.

“I said I’d kill for you, Anita.” His voice was soft and harsh at the same time. “Don’t you believe I’d do it?”

… are you trying to pass this off as romantic love talk? Saying you would kill someone isn’t very romantic.

Richard proclaims that Anita is his mate and predictably, Sylvie and Neal are the only ones who say that you can’t have a non-werewolf take a werewolf’s position in a werewolf pack. I do think that they have a point, even if they are unreasonable assholes. I would guess that being a head honco in a werewolf pack has certain duties that only a werewolf may be able to do.

Anita says that she will make Richard kill Marcus (WHAT IS WRONG WITH MARCUS) so this makes Sylvie instantly forgive her and say that she can be a dominant alpha female because she is a good influence on Richard. Yeah, I think we have different opinions of what constitutes ‘good’.

All that’s left is to prove to Neal that Anita is totes srs. All she has to do is kill a lot of people! …. wait…

Then the doorbell rings. It’s Edward. The guy who enjoys hunting down and killing shapeshifters. Coming to a house full of shapeshifters. I see no problems here.

Anita tries to go to the door but Neal was going to beat in her head when her back was turned. Richard warns her so she can duck, and I want to know what kind of idiot tries to kill a woman in a room full of people when the two most powerful men in the room have both said that they will kill to protect her?

Anita and Neal now have to fight.

They fight for a bit then Neal smashes through a window. That’s very stupid, as he jumps straight into Edward’s arms. Edward controls him easily. Neal struggles around in the arms of a man with no supernatural abilities and promises to kill Anita.

Neal, you are not very clever.

Anyway, Anita planned for him to leap out the window and cut himself so that she won the fight and make him declare her alpha female.

Jason patted me on the back. “Tomorrow night we’ll take you out chasing deer.”

“I thought you’d chase cars,” I said.

He grinned. “What fun is that? Cars don’t bleed.”

I smiled, and then stopped. His eyes were as innocent as spring skies, as joyous, and staring into them, I wasn’t sure if he was kidding me or not. I almost asked, but didn’t. I wasn’t sure I wanted to know.

I’m going to go away now. I may watch Holy Flying Circus again. Dealing with Anita’s world exhausts me.


7 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter eleven

  1. That last quote about Jason’s eyes was horribly structured. It took me like 3 tries to understand it.

  2. We find out much, much later in the series that the weretigers do originate in China, but made a mass migration out a long time ago, so the infection has had plenty of time to spread among the people of other countries, such as Christine.

    …that’s about all I can find to say about this mess.

    • … But weretigers are in the mythology of a lot of Asian countries…. Ugh. It’d be more interesting and would probably make more sense if she was a Chinese werewolf descended from those displaced by the Jewish diaspora.

      • For some reason India (or any country besides China) is never mentioned in relation to weretigers, which is all kinds of weird to me.

      • So, in the AB universe, Asia just stops at the edge of China? Like, there’s nothing below it worth talking about?

        I repeat my earlier sentiment: UGH.

  3. I didn’t mention this before, but how does Frenchie leDouche have any influence over who gets to lead the shapeshifters? He’s a vampire, so his opinions don’t enter into it. It’s like the President of France having control over who gets to be Prime Minister of Japan.

    Oh, wait, Anita/LKH has a lady-boner for him and his frilly shirts, so of course he gets to decide things that are none of his business. He does the same crap with Anita all the time.

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