A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter ten






it’s so hot here

(i do not react well with heat it fucks up my IBS)

and this book opens with a bunch of pages describing richard’s bedroom in detail and richard’s body


Dr Lilian walks off so they can fuck and they are cross with each other. Richard is all furious about how Anita can’t bear to touch him because… FUCK LOGIC FUCK SENSE FUCK IT ALL and Anita is all ‘I love it when you touch me’ and they talk about his nipples and then all is okay.

they talk about the hitman anita killed for a bit but it doesn’t matter because anita wants to talk about how miserable she is that she didn’t get to share a bed with richard WOE IS ME

richard then gets an erection at the thought of killing sebastian

i don’t think that’s quite right

he asks anita what it’s like to kill people

“What does it feel like?” he asked.

“Like nothing. I don’t feel anything.”

that’s a sure sign of a psychopath.

Anita makes her vow that Richard is the most moral person evah and ignores Richard’s worries that he will enjoy killing someone. He then changes his hand into claws – because yes wolves have claws – and Anita is all amazed about how a man who changes shape is able to change shape. And apparently Richard stabbed sebastian and i had no idea that happened and when.

Richard is all ‘POWER’ and then notices that Anita didn’t bother to put on any underwear when she got dressed. they break into make outs and then sylvie shouts out that they can all hear what they’re doing!

richard suddenly says that they cannot possibly have any physical entanglements until she has seen him change into a wolf. that’s fair i guess. Richard goes off to have his meeting, leaving Anita on the floor thinking how she shouldn’t love richard and spontaneously talking about how amazing jc is


it’s hot this is all i can give you


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