A reivew of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter nine

The whole gang are back at Richard’s. Stephen is hurt, and showing some human compassion for once, Anita offers to help with Stephen’s injuries. Richard yells at her about how he doesn’t need any of her help and she should just go to bed.

When did Richard take his cranky pills? Although Anita did run off and leave him to deal with a huge load of people who were allowed to kill him and who wanted to kill him. Huh. Puts Anita’s subsequent sulk into perspective doesn’t it?

Anita gets into bed, shoving the mattress full of weapons, and goes to sleep cross about how she and Richard have had three fights today. She wakes up when Stephen comes into the room. Richard has gone out – great way to protect Anita against assassins, Richard! – and Stephen can’t bear to be alone. So he wants to sleep in the bed with Anita.

I touched his arm, not sure it was the right thing to do. Some people don’t want to be touched after a sexual molestation.

Then don’t touch him? Why would you reach for him when you think he might be traumatised?

Anita umms and ahhhs but says it’s ok and Stephen gets in.

He lay on his back, staring up at me, his curling yellow hair falling around his face and bare shoulders like Sleeping Beauty. You don’t see many men with hair longer than mine. He was one of those men who was pretty rather than handsome, lovely as a doll.

Well, aside from all other men Anita finds sexually attractive who are all described this way.

Anita thinks about putting more clothes on because she feels uncomfortable, when she could just kick him out or sleep on the floor. But no, we’re treated to Stephen and her spooning, and how she’s so full of angst about it because she’s never shared a bed with a man before.

  • Why do you have to spoon, other than for the obvious angst? If I had to share a bed with someone I didn’t know, I’d top and tail. It avoids awkwardness, like a friend hugging you and calling you by their boyfriend’s name.
  • that has happened to me before.
  • and i had a boyfriend who once used my right boob as a pillow and that was really painful.
  • yeah, topping and tailing is good.
  • and seriously, never shared a bed with any man? It’s good hyperbole if you just mean in a romantic sense, but you never bunked with your brother as a child, or crept into your parent’s bed in the early morning for a morning cuddle with them?  Or got scared when you were a child and slept with your dad to feel better?
  • or shared a bed with a childhood friend?
  • i mean jeez anita has no feelings for anyone

Anita wakes up all bummed how she didn’t get to share this special moment with Richard (farting and numb boobs = you’re not missing much) and gets ready while holding her gun which must have been difficult. But hark, there are strange women in the house! Anita leaps out on them with her gun!

Oh no wait it’s just Jason in his fishnet outfit. He teases her about an opening gala for JC’s dance club. Anita says she may not go and Jason is horrified because she spent the night with Richard and is no longer willing to go along with the blackmail. Jason says he is surprised that Anita slept with Stephen and Anita’s all ‘ew, I didn’t’ then decides that Jason is a sadist for no particular reason.

A woman called Sylvie steps out and I recognise the name, but I can’t place it. Anita recognises her as a shapeshifter and pooh poohs her attempt to appear human by looking like a human. Sylvie says ‘oh well’ and unleashes…. power.

I got nothing.

She has come to help Richard, who has become suddenly hurt over the last few hours. He has a massive bitemark in his left shoulder and the wererat Dr Lillian from The Lunatic Cafe is patching him up. Richard wouldn’t go to the hospital because Marcus, a prestigious surgeon, was sure to be working in the A&E department and see him.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Lycanthropes heal, but sometimes without medical attention, we can scar. Most of the wounds will heal, but a few of them are deep enough that he really needs some stitching before the skin starts to close, so I’m having to reopen some of the wounds and add a few stitches.”


Anita says that she just wants Richard to kill one person and let the madness stop. Sylvie announces that this makes her like Anita. This makes me reconfirm that in actual fact I really dislike Anita Blake. Sylvie then announces that she is a lesbian. I’m not sure what that has to do with Richard’s medical treatment.

Sylvie says that the pack have been trying to make Richard systematically execute someone for months but he just won’t do it. Richard takes this as a challenge and tries to fight her. What a guy.

There’s a meeting of Richard’s supporters in fifteen minutes and he starts getting angry with Anita now for hiding a hitman who shot at her in her apartment.

Why did people ever like Richard?

He then gets pissy about Anita not being able to stand to see him naked and I want to slap him with a very big spatula. Sylvie decides to announce that she would like to be Richard’s lupa but doesn’t want to have sex with him. Well no, you wouldn’t want to be his partner seeing as you’re a lesbian. I can see the problem there. Anita turns on her and says she better not make herself an enemy, the line of enemies is too long.

And you better fucking believe I’m at the front of it.


4 thoughts on “A reivew of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter nine

  1. I do not understand why she had to spoon Stephen. Especially after he was raped. I really don’t like how she chooses this moment to talk about how attractive he is, especially because it involves likening him to a doll aka an object.

    We like Richard because he ends up being the least terrible of Anita’s lovers. Plus we feel bad that she dumps him because he finally does kill Marcus, then claims she’s the wounded party and that he dumped her because “he couldn’t handle I was more at home with the monsters than he was” and then rapes him in a later book. And after that he just becomes LKH’s whipping boy that she makes into a whiny meanie strawman forever to be compared to Anita’s ‘better’ lovers.

    Anita had a fiancee in college she lost her virginity to. I guess they did it on the table or something, not the bed?

    • It’s telling that I feel sorry for Richard, even though I think he’s a dick.

      Her actions and thoughts about Stephen are pretty awful, especially in context of his rape. It’s only acceptable – and I mean this is the way that most don’t comment on it – because rape culture dictates that we should feel uncomfortable about male on female rape, not female on male.

    • I liked Richard because he seems to be the only character that is not a bloodthirsty psychopath, and Anita/LKH forced him to be one, only to dump him anyway. Gotta applaud a guy for that much punishment.

      As for the sleeping part, I didn’t find it that unusual that Anita had never slept with a man before. I assumed she meant when both parties were actually sleeping. She probably normally took off after they were ‘done,’ which I did with my college boyfriend for several months before I comfortable enough to spend the night.




    And now I think I’ll stop channeling Growing Up Cullen!Wardo because I’m a little too good at it…

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