A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter eight

Well, this opens right up on a great big rape scene. A great big torturing rape scene.

Stephen law on his back, a white robe open, revealing his nude body. Blood trailed down his chest in thin scarlet ribbons, though there were no apparent wounds. Gabriel held Stephen’s arms, pinned underneath his body, behind his back as if they might already be tied.


How does that work?

Has LKH forgotten how human beings work? How can Gabriel be holding Stephen’s arms behind Stephen’s back if Stephen’s arms are pinned underneath Stephen’s body? What kind of magical fucking body does Stephen have?

Stephen waist-length yellow hair spilled over Gabriel’s leather-clad lap.

I don’t remember Stephen, he of the cowboy hat, having long hair. Is this a new character?

Gabriel was naked from the waist up, a silver ring through his right nipple. His curly black hair had spilled over his eyes, and when he looked up at me, he looked blind.

You could have just said he was ‘shirtless’, but I guess you had to throw in the word naked for saucy reasons. And how does he look blind by having a fringe cover his eyes?


Do I look blind?

Stephen’s perfectly identical brother is slicing up Stephen’s chest, and Raina is straddled on his groin while managing to give him oral sex at the same time. Again, Stephen has a magical body that does not work how a human body should.

Raina smiles at Anita about her rape and something ‘furred and only half-human’ slams into Anita, sending her flying. It pins her to the ground and she’s unable to get to her weapons. Raina casually walks on over, picks up the wolf, and just throws him away.

She stood over me, naked, perfect, slender where she was supposed to be slender, curved where she was supposed to be curved. But since I’d seen her sculpt her body at will, I wasn’t that impressed. When you could manipulate your body like she could, who needed plastic surgery?

It hasn’t escaped my notice that the character with the ability to ‘sculpt’ their body is female, a bitch, and using it to just make herself more conventionally attractive.

Raina and Gabriel then go on for aaaagggggeeeeeessssss about how they are both so turned on by Anita.

Also the werewolf that attacked Anita is the size of a small pony.


I’m trying to not talk about this chapter because it’s fucking boring.

I mean, a wolf is the size of a German Shepherd. Here is a German Shepherd with a pony.

Anita calls Raina a bitch a lot. Stephen has healed but is covered with blood. Raina is evil. Stephen has been drugged and can’t walk without Anita helping him. He begs her to not let people see him, even though the entire pack are fully aware of the pointless pornography ring and are waiting outside.

I mean, seriously, what is the point of the pornography? I can’t imagine that they can sell it on, not with the risk of being discovered and outed. It is purely included to make Raina a evil bitch.

Getting out of the porn set, Anita sees that the entire pack are rolling around in a great big fighting fur pile. There is a wolf-man seven foot tall and everyone has claws for some reason. Wolves don’t have claws. Wolves have nails that help grip the ground when they run. Anita holds out a machine gun with one hand which is a silly way to fire a machine gun considering the recoil on a Uzi. Richard climbs out the fur pile and the wolves all taunt him about how he won’t kill them. Richard says that he will keep Stephen safe and that he will not come back here ever. Anita calls more people bitches and says that Stephen is under her protection.

I am knitting a shawl currently. They are more complicated than I first supposed.

Anita, Stephen, and Richard walk out. Richard confirms that it was all a trap.

“So I set myself up as your lupa.”

“Yes, I’m the Fenrir. Normally, I’d already have a lupa picked out. The pack is divided, Anita. I’ve given my protection to my followers so that if Marcus tries to hurt them, I come after him, or my followers will act to protect each other with my blessing. Without a Fenrir or a pack leader to back you up, it’s a sort of mutiny to go against the pack leader’s orders.”

“What’s the penalty for mutiny?”

“Death or mutilation.”

So, you have no personal autonomy without being hideously tortured? Real nice. And yeah, I’d like to see a pack leader try to instil these penalties when the whole pack has turned against him. Like they could do now.

“We’re not animals, Anita. Just because this is the way it’s always been in the pack doesn’t mean things can’t change. We are still people, and that means we can control ourselves. Dammit, there has to be a better way than slaughtering each other.”

I shook my head. “Don’t blame it on the animals. Real wolves don’t kill each other for dominance.”

Um, I’m pretty sure that wolves do occasionally kill each other. I know, I said yesterday that wolf packs in real life don’t work how any werewolf pack is ever shown working, but this sounds like ‘Oh but the true animal is man because animals never kill each other and live in perfect harmony’ and that’s crap. Keep your bullshit philosophy out of your books.

Richard and Anita argue about how Richard won’t kill people and Anita is all ‘waaa if you die it means you don’t love me waaaa’ and I want to just beat people with spatulas.

ugh this was just boring


2 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Killing Dance’ chapter eight

  1. It’s the same Stephen. Everyone’s hair gets progressively longer throughout the series. Jason still hangs on to his short ‘do all the way to Skin Trade, but by the next book, Flirt, it becomes long enough to French braid.

    Yeah, I knew I remembered the werewolves being pony-sized! In Bullet it shows Richard’s wolf form as being the size of a very large dog, and I was going on about how that breaks earlier canon, but it looks like, depending on the breed of pony, it’s really not that much of a difference.

    The whole lupa/the bosses have to be ~mates~ things is so, so dumb and really paves the way for a LOT of problems in leadership and the welfare of the pack. Like, at least if a President and Vice President disagree on a decision on how to rune the country, the Pres isn’t risking being made to sleep on the couch or get sex withheld from the Vice Pres, and a breakup doesn‘t potentially cost you your position.

    • I think LKH as a strong preference for feminine-looking men and is trying to hide it. Almost every male character that Anita finds attractive has insanely long hair and is described as looking almost female, but unmistakably male. Just say they’re androgynous and cut out the bullshit.

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