Dottie Recommends ‘Les Revenants’

Les Revenants – ‘The Returned – is my latest love.

It’s a mystery thriller, with soap opera elements, and a hint of the paranormal. And when I say a hint, I mean a huge big dollop of it that only leads to trouble for all characters.

In a French mountain town, five people have come back to life. They have returned on the same night, rising at the place where they died, with no memory or knowledge of their deaths.

One is a school girl, who died four years ago in a school bus crash.

One is a young man in a suit, who is searching desperately for a woman named Adele.

One is a young boy, who does not speak, and appears to have the ability to appear and disappear at will.

One is a middle aged woman, whose identity is unknown.

One is a vicious serial killer who terrorised the town seven years ago and has returned to kill again.

Their deaths are unconnected. They are unconnected. There is no reason for them to have returned.


I am seriously loving this show. You really need to watch it.


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