A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Bloody Bones’ chapter forty one

I spent a few days in the hospital. Bruises, cuts, some stitches, but mainly the second degree burns on my back and arms. The burns weren’t that bad; there wouldn’t be any scarring. The doctors just couldn’t figure out how I’d gotten burned. I didn’t feel like explaining, mainly because I wasn’t sure I could.

But have they dealt with your wrist wounds? I demand answers! And the phrasing of that list makes it sound like the doctors gave Anita bruises and cuts. I mean, I’m sure they would want to, but I don’t think that’s quite what LKH was after.

There’s a cursory mention of Jason having broken ribs and a punctured lung, but that’s not as important as learning that JC is as beautiful and slimy as ever. Dorcas has made a bunch of money. The Quinlans are suing Anita, which is annoying for her because she did everything she could to save their children! Like how she let the Quinlans get attacked, did nothing to save their son, ordered their daughter to get after Magnus and burn alive, and burnt alive their son.

It had to be somebody’s fault; why not mine?

Because IT IS your fault, Anita.

I’d raised a vampire like a zombie, which wasn’t possible. Necromancers were supposed to be able to control all types of undead. But that was legend, not real. Right?

You DID IT. That means it is REAL.

Anita whines about how she has insomnia now, damn that Serephina, and I want to reach through the book and slap her.

What to do with the two men in my life? How the hell do I know? In Richard’s arms, breathing in the warmth of his body, is the closest I’ve ever found to my mother’s arms.

Um… I don’t think that the idea of a comforting mother figure should mix with a man who you find sexually attractive. I find that… really, really disturbing, in all honesty.

Anita finishes the book with the ground breaking revelation that she doesn’t see JC as a monster anymore.

Pass me that bucket, please.

My final thoughts?


what have I just read??

On one hand, there are some parts that have actually gotten better since the last book. I like the fact that there are now characters who are pointing out the logical holes in all this bullshit. They were the best parts of the book.

That was a small hand.

My other hand is weighted down with:

  • really poor research
  • the dialogue is getting worse
  • I find the love triangle between Richard, JC, and Anita to be pathetic
  • The plot… took a back foot for Anita and JC to develop their dead chemistry
  • the pacing was terrible
  • i didn’t see the point of the final climax. it was very short and had little impact
  • the whole plot would have been entirely negated if Anita had thought about what she was doing and hadn’t run off into the night, giddy at the prospect of a little murder
  • her actions directly led to ALL OF THE PLOT.
  • it is all her fault
  • she got a lot of people dead in this book and still has the fucking gall to call herself a good guy
  • seriously
  • is lawrence not important? and he was made into ‘dumb stooge number one’ throughout this book and served no purpose

Tomorrow, there’ll be another Dottie Recommends as a palette cleanser for this bullshit, and I’m straight into Killing Dance next.


3 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Bloody Bones’ chapter forty one

  1. I’m fairly excited for the next book. I haven’t read that one (I doubt I ever will) and I can’t wait to read it through your eyes!

  2. I have never understood how Anita can know so little about her powers. I could see if she had recently discovered them, but she’s had them since she was very young (8 or 9 maybe?). She is not the only necromancer around.

    Actually I don’t understand most of this bullshit of not knowing anything. All this stuff is not new. There’s college curriculum built around for fucks sake. How does no one not know anything at all??

    How do people still think these books are totally awesome? It’s lazy bullshit.

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