A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Bloody Bones’ chapter thirty five

Glad to see everyone liked Hannah! I may bring her and her pulp sci-fi goodness back… I do love pulp sci-fi.

Anita and Lawrence are still waving their crosses around, so Janos the Skeletor holds his hands in front of his face. The animators condescend to put their crosses away and Kissa arrives, bearing Jeff Quinlan in front of her like a human shield.

He was wearing a cream-coloured tuxedo with a cummerbund done two shades darker to match the bow tie. Kissa was in black leather. Jeff stood out against her in wonderful contrast.

… they took the time to dress him up in a southern gents tux? Why?

Janos says they will pass over Jeff if Anita and Lawrence drop their guns. Stirling pipes up about how Anita went crazy and tried to attack him, really not keying into the conversation. Janos laughs and says how this was all Serephina’s plan. She infected Stirling’s mind and sent Ivy to kill Anita. With Anita dead, rawhead would be free and Serephina can be immortal and some shit.

Today was short. Enjoy these 51 adorable pictures of animals to make up the spare time.


6 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Bloody Bones’ chapter thirty five


    I really do not understand why the new vamp kid has to be constantly in tuxes, is it a hazing thing maybe

  2. Honestly, given the quality of the vampires in this series, I would have been surprised if they DIDN’T dress him up. Or maybe if they had dressed him up in something that wasn’t cheesy old formalwear and/or a fuckton of leather. How about a clown suit? They show up with the kid in a big rainbow wig and floppy shoes. They never explain why. THAT would surprise me. Nobody would see that coming.

    P.S. Hannah was glorious, may I marry you?

      • Awwwww, that’s too bad. Anita has taught me that I can only truly be happy with someone who constantly agrees with me and serves my every whim and has truly gigantic hair. It looks like it just… wouldn’t work between us.

        No, no. Don’t cry. Your heart will heal, in time. And in our memories, well… we’ll always have Hannah.

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