The Other Blake

I had to write a spitefic, about Hannah Blake, the alternate Anita Blake. I hope you enjoy it.

I was spending some time alone in my apartment.  Normally, I’d be being pestered by the demands of either Richard or Jean-Claude; or if I wanted to go out, I knew that some guy would come up to me and start trying to put moves on me.  There was never any peace when I wanted it, so I’d decided to spend an evening alone with my goldfish and my favourite stuffed penguin toy.  Heap big vampire slayer was spending a quiet evening in. Riiiight.  Knowing my luck, something would happen.

Other people watch TV or read or do other meaningless stuff to fill their lives.  Can you imagine knitting or sewing, or other crap like that?  Feminine useless stuff Judith would no doubt approve of.  I like silence.  I like to sit in silence in my apartment, just enjoying the time I was able to luxuriate in, all on my own.

I was just in the process of dialling the phone to gloat to Jean-Claude about how much I was enjoying myself without his annoyingly attractive presence, when I felt a wave of power rush over my entire body.  As an animator and necromancer, I had the ability to sense minute changes in the world around me, invisible and indecipherable to others.  Something was happening in this room – something huge, impossible, cosmic.  Like a dinosaur rising up from the deeps to stalk on land once more.  The real world was never so impossible.

To my surprise, a purple haze of magic and purpose hovered in the sitting room before me.  I had never seen anything like it in my four years of working as an animator.  My entire body swelled with the power coming from it, a huge wave of energy rioting inside every cell of my body.  A woman stepped from it and my mouth gaped in surprise.  She was my exact double.


Well, there were some key differences.  As we sized each other up and down, I realised that wherever she was from, it hadn’t been kind to her.  She was my height and weight, but her black curls, so different from my exotic own, had been shaved down to her skull.  It was really unflattering, and only highlighted that hated feature we shared – our height.  One eye of hers was a pale, puckered blue – an ice cold colour that made me shiver.  She didn’t look like a good guy, not like me.  Her chest was smaller, her breasts boyish and ugly under her flapping wife-beater top.  She looked like a grizzled combat veteran, not a vampire executioner.

This… other me wore what looked like army fatigues.  Dark green wife-beater, plain brown trousers, and black steel-tipped boots.  The boots were a poor choice on her – our – petite frame; they stunted her legs, made her look short and ungainly.  She had no weapons on her.  I wondered if she’d damaged her own eye, just to make herself look tougher.  I saw a little girl, dressing up and playing armies, stood in front of me.

She’d been looking me up and down.  I was wearing a leather trench coat, red Victorian blouse with a fussy little trim down the front, black jeans, my trusty Firestarter at my side and my familiar knives in my sleeves, and some plain white Nikes; but I had some spiky leather high heeled boots waiting my couch for when I’d inevitably be called out to look at some murder scene by the police.  A simple outfit, but impressive.

“You must be Anita,” this other me said, extending a hand to shake.  I took it and found her handshake surprisingly strong.  I bet she practised that every day.  “I’m the other you.  I’m Hannah Blake.  This must all seem really weird, but… the easiest way to explain it is that the universe is riddled with parallel versions of reality, with voids of existence separating between them.  I’m you, on an alternate version of Earth, and I’ve crossed over to… talk to you.”

This sounded like the plot to a sci-fi movie.  A really bad sci-fi movie.

Hannah continued, stepping forwards.  She’d released my hand and was now staring about the apartment as if it was some kind of wonder.  “I’m glad I got you alone.  Other people might get confused about everything.  Civilians tend to panic about universes colliding.”

I could understand about worrying what civilians might think.  I just knew that if a guy were to see the two of us together, he’d probably assume we were working together in some low budget porno.  Like I’d ever do something as disgusting as that.

“How’d you know about me?”

“Oh, well, technology in my world is a bit more advanced than over here.”  She frowned, as if I’d spoken gibberish.  “I thought that might be obvious, or do beings from other dimensions regularly cross into your domain?”

“I just figured it might be one of my – our – abilities.  Heap big vampire slayer, heap big Quantum Leaper.  Or don’t you have any necromancy powers?”  I sincerely doubted it.  Her arms were bare, and I could see the differences in our lives written as plainly on them as words in a magazine.  She was tanned, lean, and entirely scarless.  She probably sat around doing nothing in her spare time, letting other people deal with the monsters who stalked humanity.  Yeah, I bet she commanded some sort of police or played armies, but never did a single dirty, down on her knees execution in her life.

Hannah stared at me like I was speaking gibberish.  “I’m you Anita.  We’re the same woman.  We have the same parents, the same powers, the same abilities, just that there are certain key differences to our societies, our worlds.”

“That much is obvious.”  I crossed my arms across my chest, finding it a struggle.  I wasn’t showing off my assets, I swear.  Maybe.

Hannah looked at me, her single brown eye looking almost sad.  Her blue one remained impassive, the pupil staring out like a single black dot.  “Oh, right, you’re talking about our physical differences.  Well, I had a breast reduction when I entered the force, if you really want to know.  I – I wanted to fight, but I had difficulty operating the machinery.  It seemed – it made sense.  They were always getting in the way, anyway.  I wasn’t upset about it.”  Taking out a battered packet of cigarettes, she crossed the sitting room to my couch.  She sat back, lounging, and shrugged.  “Big breasts or small breasts – what difference does it make to me?”

“I bet Judith didn’t think much of your decision,” I gave a smile that I hoped looked genuine enough.  I didn’t want her smoking in my home.  I would have thought we’d be close enough for her to know I thought it was gross.

Hannah looked genuinely confused.  I wondered if she hadn’t gone into vampire hunting because she’d… been made special, in some way.  She couldn’t seem to understand me in any way, as if I were alien from her.

“Why would she?  Judith always supported my decisions,” she said softly, that single brown eye tinged with a deep melancholy.  The blue one stared furiously at me, as if I’d done something wrong.  “That’s why I wanted to talk first.  I wanted to know… I needed to know that she’s okay.  That Judith and Mom are okay over here.”

“Judith?  Mom?”  I stared at her, not believing what I was hearing.  “Judith replaced Mom, and ruined our lives for it.  She’s so bitter, just because she has to have me as a stepdaughter.  All this crap about how I’m not feminine enough and how I haven’t got a husband and how I’m such a waste…”  I trailed off to look at Hannah, this double of mine, this imperfect copy.  “Well, at least I can tell her it could be worse.  She might have ended up with you.”

Hannah stared up at me, looking like a lost little lamb in a big, scary world.  The wolves on this side would eat up this little scrap in one bite and still have room for afters.  She gave a shrug.  “At least she’s alive.  And happy.  That was all I really wanted to know.”

I pulled off my leather trench coat.  My red Victorian blouse had short puffed sleeves, and underneath the wide collar, down to the start of the buttons, the cloth had been cut away to reveal my shoulders and breastbone.  It made me look like a prissy little doll.  But it had the added bonus of showing off my collection of hard-won scars, detailing times and places I’d rather forget but couldn’t.  They were burned into my skin.  Burned into my soul.  Hannah’s good eye trailed up and down my arms looking awestruck.

“Yeah, I used to look like that.  Before I joined the force.  Nanobots heal all wounds, including the old.  Not that I minded.”  Hannah fiddled with her cigarette idly, turning it round in her fingers.  “Still in the vampire hunting business then?”

“I guess that you are not.”

“Nope, how could I be?  Haven’t killed a vampire in years.  They’re too useful to be killed.  Too many uses in the war.”  She sighed.  From one end of the cigarette, she pulled out an impossibly thin blade.  It shone blue-silver in the electric glare of my apartment, a thin tiny hair of a knife that looked too insubstantial to be real, like it had been made from a tiny dart of paper.

“You call that a knife – “

That other me had been in the middle of making some other comparison with me.  Another one to put me down, no doubt.  Her speech was riddled with false positives, put downs, insults and aggravations.  I couldn’t believe that this was me, even as I stood over her corpse.

I’d had the darts concealed in my cigarettes.  I’d devised it ages ago.  You can’t get arrested for being a member of the resistance and carrying concealed weapons when they can’t find them on you.  Just a simple matter of pulling one out while she was prattling on.  I freed one, lifted it, and threw it squarely between her eyes.  It had imbedded itself in her skull, burrowing deep inside her brain where it would dissolve and never be found.  The perfect kill.

She had fallen with such a look of surprise on her face, as if she couldn’t believe what was happening.  I wouldn’t either, but I know how to react if I saw my double appear.  Her clothes were too garish for me, and far too impractical; you couldn’t run in leather, it was too heavy and squeaked.  Can’t sneak up on anyone in leather.  You wear leather and you’re dead.  I bent down and considered looting her knives, but I didn’t want them.  You should use anything you find really, waste not want not, but I wanted nothing of this woman and her life.  Nothing at all.

I looked around this place she called home.  It was Spartan.  There was no life in this place.  This was somewhere a person came to sleep, that was all.  In that way, it reminded me of home.  This other Blake, Anita, didn’t seem to have any interests.  No radio.  No television.  No books.  No music.  Just an army of penguins who glared at me with accusatory glass eyes when I crossed the threshold to the bedroom.  I shuddered, and shut the door on them.  I’d not been able to bear stuffed toys since my father had died.

My cybernetic eye scoured the place, checking for any remnants, any pockets of magic left behind.  Necromancers can do that, if they try.  They can store parts of their essences in others or objects and just spring back.  Nope.  Nothing here.  Anita had never bothered to stretch her abilities beyond killing and, later, fucking.  We knew all about her.  We knew how she drained power and life and love.  We knew that, in time, she would begin to drain power and life and energy from more than just people – she’d start to take it from the ecosystem, from the balance of the universe, from the gentle movements of the planets.  She’d devour it all within herself like a parasite, and crash down all reality around her.

That’s why the general had sent me here.  I was her.  She was me.  It was both my duty and my right to kill her.  All I’d asked for in return was the chance to know that Judith and Mom were happy.  Had been happy, I guess, in Mom’s case.  It sounded like she’d died in that accident instead of Dad.  I couldn’t tell.  Anita had been too worked up in how bad Judith was.  I couldn’t imagine her being that way.  Maybe she was, in this version of reality, this sour little world.  But she was alive and happy and that was good enough for me.

She’d been killed in the first wave of the Zygon invasion.  She’d opened the door and thought it was me.

A message flashed across my cybernetic eye.  I was needed back on base.

I stepped towards the thin portal between worlds and took one last look at my double, lying dead on the floor.  I had come from a world where humans were an endangered species, where alien civilisation had invaded the planet and burnt it for sport, and where I fought a guerrilla war I knew we could not win.  But I felt the sorrier for her.


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    I really like the little details of Hannah’s world that we got, especially the logical bit of vampires being used in a war, I like how Judith apparently hooked up with her MOM instead in that world, I like loads that she killed Anita, and I enjoyed the mention of both the army of penguins staring at her and the note that there’s really nothing else Anita has there…but what I like most is how fucking PERFECT you go Anita’s voice, mindset, and behaviors. So, so many things I could point out that are TOTALLY SPOT-ON AND THUS HILARIOUS FOR IT

    Yes, yes I will so link this tomorrow when I post my fic’s next installment!

    • I was going to do a straight-up parody but then I decided that as Anita is from a pulp supernatural series, Hannah comes from a pulp sci-fi series. And has a cybernetic eye. Because cybernetic eyes are awesome!

      And I wanted Judith to get a break from all the hating.

      (And I liked Hannah so much I want more about her destorying God Sues in all sorts of canons)

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  3. Wow…Where do I begin on how much I loved reading this little snipe at the abomination LKH has managed to spawn since the late 20th century?
    First: Hannah is kickass! Unlike Anita who just whinges constantly about her family “not understanding her” (seriously, is she about twelve? No twenty-something year old woman speaks like that) and, being naturally blonde myself, I find the whole “blondes are evil betches 5ever!” concept incredibly insulting, not to mention ridiculous.
    Second: Hannah killing Anita, and the reasoning you gave for her death, were both completely justified and enjoyable to read (maybe that’s my inner bitchy side coming out?). The way Anita would’ve actually made the universe…Implode on itself I guess? Was completely fitting to the train wreck the series has become in the past couple of years. Now it’s just angst, sex, angst, sex, little bit of plot, angst, sex, sex, villain be dead!, sex.
    And third: The idea of necromancers being able to “store essence of themselves in objects to resurrect themselves” is genius and so fitting! I am glad Hannah will be able to bring herself back whilst Anita will not! I am dying to hear more about Hannah’s universe because it sounds enthralling to the nth-degree! I MUST KNOW MORE!
    But (sorry I’m going on so long, but I love this little spitefic so much!) I could actually see my own Anita Blake OC (who also hates Anita) working really well in the Hannah-verse. She’s basically Anita’s self-proclaimed “sort-of-stepdaughter” (I’ll explain more if you’re interested in doing a…Cross-over I guess?) who is forced to see her twice a year: birthday and Christmas (briefly). Anita resents her for the reason she’s a reminder one of the men in Anita’s life had a relationship before her, and she isn’t a big fan of Anita either because of Anita’s demeanor towards her mother.
    Let me know if you’re interested but don’t feel pressured! Regardless, I adored the spitefic because it is excellent and I cannot wait to see more of Hannah Blake in all of her villain destroying epicness!

    • I do need to write more for Hannah! I really enjoyed thinking up what her universe might be – a universe made of trashy science fiction stereotypes, but vampires and werewolves and things still exist to fight off the invading Zygon hordes.

      The fic idea sounds interesting. What sort of plot line were you imagining?

  4. To be honest, I would love to hear more on Hannah fighting the Zygon hordes! In your Blue Moon review, you mentioned you ship Cherry/Hannah, so does that mean Hannah’s a lesbian? She could be bisexual, but for some reason I figured lesbian, correct me if I’m wrong please-I’m just making an assumption. In that regard, I was wondering what the rest of the characters from the series are like! Is Nathaniel a villain because you said he’d make a brilliant one (which I agree with)? I’d find that concept really interesting.

    As for my fic? Well, because Anita hates my girl in the supernatural pulp universe, I figured in the sci-fi pulp universe, her alternate version and Hannah would get along like a house on fire! For some reason I imagine her being Hannah’s trainee who’s learning with her. Like, people (sorry for the lack of technical term) fighting the Zygon horde have to train new recruits (especially someone of Hannah’s capability.)

    Thanks for getting back to me by the way!

    • As Hannah is the opposite of Anita in every way, I decided that Hannah would be openly bisexual with a preference for women.

      Nathaniel would make an excellent villain. I can imagine him as a slimy lieutenant who Hannah has to fight with.

      Yes, that sounds really interesting. She’s a new recruit to Hannah’s resistance cohort, being trained to fight the invaders who have almost won…

      • I’m loving Hannah more and more the more information I receive! I am totally shipping her and Cherry, mainly because Anita’s prejudice comments disgusted me when I read them in the book (baring in mind I’m still attending secondary school -_-). All I could think was “We’re supposed to root for this character? God that is an awful idea.”

        And, like in the book’s, he keeps trying to emotionally blackmail her. I imagine him being a new recruit alongside my new resistance cohort girl; but maybe he has a history of manipulating women into paying for his life by playing the sympathy card?

        Finally, I have found a name for her (believe me, I am so fussy with names it’s a miracle I name any of my characters), so she isn’t just “girl”! Myshka Capes (surnames still the same as with Hannah)-and she’s Russian because I’ve always loved Russia (especially the Pussy Riot for it’s boldness against the corruption). If you want to know any more, just ask!

  5. I just remember reading a novel in which there was a villain who manipulated women into paying for his lifestyle by appealing to their insecurities and maternal instincts and he really reminded me of Nathaniel!

      • Regarding our spite fic I figured we could both try writing a different scene involving both Myshka and Hannah, so we can get a feel of each other’s characters-then we possibly discuss a more…Permenant idea I guess? I really want to do a scene between Myshka and Nathanvile (much more appropriate name by the way). May I ask, what is his name in the alternate verse? Just so I don’t seem very odd writing his name as normal whilst everyone else’s is different. Could I possibly have a list of everyone (as in important)’s alternate names and titles?

        And is there any information you’d like on Myshka?

  6. Basically, for my scene (sorry I didn’t say earlier-I was in IT and was supposed to be working on my ‘Glossary of Terms’ which I’ve completed, therefor had nothing to do) I was going to have Myshka meet Nathanvile for the first time and she sort of tries to suss him out and they’re probably going to get off on the wrong foot. She’s only 17 herself, so she’s probably upsurted his place as the “baby” of the team, something he’s going to dislike for obvious reasons. Bearing the fact she’s the youngest though, does not mean she’s gonna become a massive Mary-Sue who can automatically do everything perfect. NO. She basically will probably be treated as lower ranking and has a lot to learn, with her only real talents being her non-human abilities and gymnastic skills.

    • I’ve always thought that the AU!Hannah universe would have the same people in it, but with different roles. Humans are rare on the ground, so shapeshifters, vampires, and animators make up most of the resistance because they’re harder to kill. So cohorts will have an equal amount of each, etc, and will be headed up by Bert or Dolph or the appropriate match.

      It might be interesting if Myska, being younger, gets taken in by Nathaniel’s spiel at first.

      What information have you got for Myska at the moment?

      • So, correct me if I’m wrong, humans are mainly used as medics and usually keep out of the major conflict for obvious reasons (them not being as resistant to huge damage like shapeshifters, vampires and animators-not to mention creatures like faeries or possibly other members of that branch like elves or pixies). And as for being headed? I’d possibly say Bert is the overall commander, whilst Dolph is more the field leader-based on their positions in the books (Bert just overlooking Anita, with Dolph having a more active role).

        I think she probably does get taken in, but luckily Hannah’s there to drag her back into the wonderful place of reality! Myskha lives with her dad in the AU!Hannah verse because she lives with her mum int he Anita!Universe; and, in my opinion, isn’t much of a fan of joining at first. Her mother and father are almost constantly busy (but she’s closer to her dad), meaning she’s built up quite a couple of walls to protect herself because she’s never lived much of an exciting life-although she is engaged to the son of her father’s superior because they’re both attractive, rich young people, despite the two knowing little to nothing about one another.

        Well, her counterpart was invented when I was shamefully going through a Twilight phase (you’ve probably already guessed who’s kid she is then! *shudders*) so I made her the daughter of Jean-Claude (ughh! I cringe now, but changing it would loose a lot of information, so I had to make it stay the same when I looked at her again) and was actually named Julianna (like the dead woman French-Vampire-Who-Dresses-Like-A-Girl-In-My-Opinion failed to save)-so there’s my shameful secret!

        As for information on Myskha? I’ll probably explain her better in a different post!

  7. After my incredibly shameful confession on Myshka’s origins, feel free to hate me eternally! In my defense, when I invented her I was only 13 and had only been told the basics of the books by my older cousin, so all the decisions I made about her were incredibly limited. I was at a point in life where I had the potential to make good characters but sadly never put that into use. After my feeble explanation, on with the show!

    I’ll probably start with her flaws (talking about character flaws regarding anything to do with Anita Blake is now laughable, but I’m gonna get on with it). Myshka’s main issue is her sense of entitlement; her mother is an incredibly high ranking and powerful Russian individual named Veronika Capes and Myskha was bough up being treated like a little princess, which made her selfish, to an extent narcissistic regarding her appearance, and she gets jealous of other women getting more attention.
    She’s also somewhat fooling herself regarding her closeness to her mother, believing they’re incredibly close when in fact, she sees her mum twice a year (paralleling her relationship with her dad in the Blake!Verse). She is naive in aspects of trust, yet mature when it comes to things like studying and cleaning, which is why it seems odd she was so easily manipulated by Nathaniel.
    Myskha often makes somewhat hopeless maternal attachments to certain women in her life because of her lack of a mother. She’s pretty much constantly searching for a replacement mother and can make her easy to manipulate in the regard if someone appeared maternal to her, she’d put an imbalanced amount of trust in said woman (I can imagine the Hannah!Verses’ Raina manipulating her in that regard. Is it odd I picture Raina as this really manipulative and sly psychologist in our verse? Like, she gets inside people’s heads and uses their insecurities and fears to manipulate them.)
    And speaking of insecurities, Myshka is full of them. Mainly concerning her appearance (which she relies on to feel good in some regards) and again, that missing maternal figure, she’s always trying to excel in things and appear the best because she adores praise from her elders. Due to this, she has had addictions to prescription drugs before because they put her in a sense of calm and security, but she’s never self-harmed or attempted suicide (like so many teenage OCs have these days).

    As for her good points? Myshka is incredibly loyal to those she develops strong connections with and is a dedicated member of the cohort by all means. Once her and Hannah become close (after the whole Nathanvile incident is over-that’s probably what would make them get along), she sort of looks up to Hannah almost like her mother, but gives Hannah a distance when she needs it because Myskha herself knows what it’s like to be harassed.
    She’s also surprisingly good with children and is very much a young woman wanting to make up for her own mother’s mistakes regarding the children she wishes to have in the future. She believes strongly in a family unit and once she forms a family-type situation, she’ll probably be the glue holding everyone together because of her distinctive enjoyment of feeling being in a family. Due to her strange family dynamics, she appears to still be an immature kid underneath and can be pretty playful, jokey and well humored.
    Myskha also believes in seeing the best in people (something you could call a flaw in a sense) and can be compassionate, caring and sensitive, which can cause problems due to her fighting the Zygon hordes. Although she can be serious and determined on the battlefield, it’s very much a mask she presents and does sometimes have nightmares about the things she’s seen.
    She also possesses a secretive nature and dislikes explaining her family issues to those around her, literally being like a Russian doll in the sense: “you open one version of her, only to find there’s another hidden inside her.” Myskha is brave and determined when necessary, but loving and sweet natured towards her friends and those she genuinely cares about. After finding out about Nathanvile’s betrayal, she’d probably be more upset than angry, feeling like another possible “family member” has abandoned her and would get upset rather than become vengeful.

    Appearance wise, Myskha is actually just an inch taller than Hannah at 5’4″ and is slim figured, with fairly small breasts naturally. She can be pretty nimble and is incredibly fast due to her vampire genes, but is pretty weak when it comes to strength, definitely being more of a runner than a fighter. She’s pretty pale but does tan slightly out in the sun and develops some freckling on her face after a prolonged period outside (although she burns easily). Her eyes are a dark chocolate brown colour, a contrast to her hair which is a light brown and about mid-back length. She mainly prefers to dress in…Expensive beautiful clothes I’d say!

    And that’s all I have for now!

    • I’m already getting some ideas for how they can meet – it might take a while for me to post some stuff, but I’ll put down my ideas on the blog, so you can edit/yell at me.

      Don’t worry about having embarrassing characters. I wrote a Harry Potter fanfic when I was thirteen involving anthropomorphic witch lions. It was weird.

      • Hey! Are you still interested in doing our Hannah Blake/Myskha thing or not? I don’t mind if you’re not, but I’d like to hear from you! 🙂

      • Don’t worry about life getting in the way-believe me! I’ve had my Year 10 mock exams recently, so it’s probably good we waited a while! I was just wondering about writing an extract from Myshka’s POV and sending it to you? 🙂

      • Well, it’s officially half-term for me now, so hopefully I’ll have it wrote by the end of this week (warning: I also have fanfiction to work on, so it might take a while to construct). Luckily, I have an idea of the setting!
        Myshka is going to meet Nathanvile for the first time and there will be some interaction between her oblivious self and him being a smarmy user-but she’s probably going to comment on his long hair looking “like a mock-Disney princess” in her head.
        May I ask, what is the Hannah!universe’s Jean-Claude like? 🙂

      • He’s in the resistance, in one of the vampire corps. He’s not an asshole and… hell, I’ll go ahead and maim him for good measure. He has no legs and won’t be getting them back any time soon/

      • Does he not have the whole long hair thing? I seriously got a massive fetish feel every time LKH went on about long-haired men. None of the boys I know have long hair-bar one-and let’s just say he isn’t too popular with the female demographic of my school.
        And I like this Jean-Claude already. He seems less-smarmy, less stuck up and less of a user who emotionally blackmails women into doing things. Nor is he like one of Anita’s many salivating fanboys who constantly praise every time she takes a gulp or air or something equally as normal.
        Often I got a “she is a goddess!” feel as the books progressed which really put me off them. Even at the early stages, I found everyone went around praising her excessively.

  8. My only complaint is that she left the fish to starve 😦 (Plus it would’ve been hilarious if she’d come back looking unconcerned as fuck, but holding a bowl or whatever with a goldfish in it.)

  9. NICE!

    I’m coming very late to the party, but can I please suggest that in any future spitefic, that Nathaniel dies by being horribly choked to death with his own ankle-length braid. Or has his (lavender, sigh) eyes put out… or both.

    I’m actually not a rabid Nathaniel-hater, but I do wish she’d stop the bloody descriptions of him. LKH, he’s a gorgeous, pretty, an androgynous beauty – WE KNOW. In fact, I think we may have gathered that after the first nine dozen times you described him, you fatuous talentless woman!

    You know, I think I feel even more strongly about these books than even I realised! Why was she published in the first place and why does it keep happening. I just want to understand why!

    I need to stop now. I feel multiple exclamation marks coming on.

  10. Oh yes! Another thing I must comment on before I have to go and do work (which I’m supposed to be doing but is so boring, no-one is doing it).
    Could we possibly change the Jeff and Ellie Quinlan situation from Bloody Bones? ‘Cause, GOD, I found Anita’s actions towards saving both of them completely hideous, immoral and vile, even by LKH standards. Allowing two young people to be burned to death in separate situations is completely disgusting by any novel standards, and then with her ‘why are their parents blaming me?’ comment, I wanted to throw the book out the window when I first read it. EMPATHY woman, we’re supposed to have it! If that was me, I’d be horrified two adolescence died and I did nothing to save them. I’d probably skip town, get a new job, and hide away, hating myself forever.
    So, even if they do die, I’m guessing Hannah (who DOES have that thing called compassion) giving at least a TINY amount of thought about the impact on their now-childless parents.

      • Oh it’s fine! It isn’t anything which is a matter of life or death, it’s just about this fictional blog I’ve been planning on setting up which revolves around my Anita!verse OC Julianna. It’s basically supposed to be her diary, which will be an ongoing spitefic of Anita in short!

      • The reason I contacted you is because I wanted you to proof read it, mainly so I’m getting Anita right in all of her awful glory, and also so Julianna doesn’t seem completely atrocious herself! It’s mainly her snarking about how Anita gets jealous of her for DARING to be JC’s daughter *theatrical gasp* She’ll mainly be poking fun at how Anita blames her for something beyond her control!

      • I’d be happy to proof read it. September is a really busy time for me – I’ve got a play showing – so I can really only start to look at it from the end of September, if that’s ok.

      • That’s fine with me! I haven’t finished the first entry yet anyways, and I have a birthday party coming up, so I’m quite busy planning that myself! For once I’m not just sitting around procrastinating-which is a big improvement for me! Thank you so much for accepting to proof read! I think in my blog, I also want to address other characters who get severely neglected by Anita’s bullshit-like Ronnie and Catherine, her so-called ‘friends’ she rarely sees.

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