A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Bloody Bones’ chapter thirty one

I dreamed.

Fuck this. I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate symbolic dreams.

Anita has a dumb symbolic dream about her mother that is almost Oedipal in rhapsodising in about how wonderful and beautiful she was. Then her mother bleeds from the mouth and there’s blood everywhere and Anita wakes up.

Lawrence and Jason are in the room, so I guess LKH has actually used the ability to skip between scenes between chapters. I wish she would use it more often, and not when the last chapter was clearly a cliffhanger for something.

The dream was sent by Serephina and now the room stinks like Anita’s mother’s perfume so badly that Lawrence can smell it. This means that Serephina has gotten into  Anita’s mind and she must kill her. She’s even going to make some attempts to get a execution warrant. Lawrence is still rattled by all this murder but Anita declares that life is too dangerous a game to play fair.

“If you really believe that, then how can you date Jean-Claude? How can you let him touch you?”

I shook my head. “I never said I was consistent.”

I get it – Anita is allowed to get away with anything she wants. Lawrence calls her out on this BS and says she’s just another one of the bad guys. Anita pouts and says BUT I AM GOOD HOW CAN YOU NOT THINK I’M GOOD BUT I AM NOT A MARTYR SO THAT MEANS I CAN BREAK THE LAW WHENEVER I WANT.

[Lawrence] was still trying to be Sir Galahad, but Galahad had had God on his side. All Larry had was me. It wasn’t enough.

Galahad has Sir Lancelot and Sir Not-appearing-in-this-film on his side, thank you very much.

Moving on from this unpleasantness, Anita and Lawrence begin discussing who they should sacrifice to raise zombies and why Stirling wants Magnus dead. So, you know, just the plot. They then talk about how they should sit back and let Serephina find Jeff Quinlan and not tell anyone what’s going on. Talk then moves back to the sacrifice, with no information gained, no developments, and all events, glacial as they are, have come to a complete stop.

[Lawrence] put his hand out, and I slapped it. He slapped mine back, and I felt better. Larry had a way of making me smile. Friends will do that to you.

… what? One minute it’s all ‘you’re a monster who wants to make me murder people’ and now it’s all high-fives and sitcom finishes?



5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Bloody Bones’ chapter thirty one

  1. Anita will remain this inconsistent for the entire series.

    Also, if her mother had lived, I bet you 100% that LKH…er, I mean, Anita…would have hated her guts. Not because her mother would be bad but because she would, in all likelihood, just be human and tell her to do her chores and not let her stay out late as a kid and stuff like that. hey, she hates Judith for less!

    • Oh yeah, her mother’s memory is only hallowed because she died. And Judith is only hated in comparison. Someone should have put infant Anita into some serious counselling at some point. She’d be almost normal.

  2. You are 300% done with Anita’s shit, I can feel it emanating from your reviews these days. This book was when I quit and I’m sure it doesn’t get any better from here.

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