A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Bloody Bones’ chapter ten

Dorcas brought us our food without a word. She seemed angry – maybe not at us, but with us. Or with everything. I sympathised.

I like.

I took a bite of my cheeseburger. It was almost crispy around the edges, not a smidgen of pink in the center. Perfect.

How enthralling.

Lawrence notices that Anita’s frowning and immediately presumes she is displeased with something. You’re learning fast Lawrence. Anita thinks something is vaguely up and Lawrence has a go at her because her burger is leaking grease. Dolph calls her about a vampire victim close by and Anita bitches about Sergeant Freemont. Freemont, she thinks, is wanting to be the Lone Ranger on this case.



Lawrence then further complains about the prospect of Anita eating in the car. Anita thinks the cut-up bodies might not be vampire kills as it’s unlikely that there might be two vamps in this town. Then DUN DUN DUN she realises that the earlier murders might not be the work of a vampire! So Freemont was right, and you’re still bitching about her.

Anita suspects Magnus. Apparently, there’s the same level of bias against relatives of the fey as there about werewolves, so Anita immediately gives him up to Dolph.

Look, I reckon it’s him too, but you kind of have to have evidence against someone before you run around accusing them.

“A lot of people have fey blood in them, Anita.”

“Tell that to the college student last year whose fiance beat her to death when he found out he was about to marry a fairie. He protested in court that he hadn’t meant to kill her. The fey were supposed to be hard to kill, weren’t they?”

“Not everyone is like that, Anita.”

“Not everyone, but enough.”

  • ‘not everyone but enough’? Christ, that sounds like a great excuse for racial hatred.
  • It doesn’t matter if the defendant said he hadn’t meant to kill her. That’s at least GBH (in the UK) with manslaughter. In America, that’s felony murder – a murder committed during the process of a felony. Claiming ‘you didn’t mean to do it’ does not get you off the charge.
  • If you want to kill a fairy, you have to burn them dumbass.

Anita says she’ll see to the vampire victim – only if she doesn’t work with Freemont. Sorry, but you can’t lock out the police. It doesn’t work like that.

“She’s a glory hound,” Dolph said.

“Looks that way.”

Freemont – my one and only – has committed the great crime of trying to do her job and pointing out that Anita is not a police detective. Yeah, what a glory hound.


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Bloody Bones’ chapter ten

  1. My new rule – if Anita doesn’t like a person, trait, or other kind of thing, I do. For example, Freemont, semi-competent police, people who expect employees to do what they’re hired to do, blondes, other women in general, logical theories, evidence in general and people who are actually qualified to do their jobs.

  2. I want to introduce Anita to a blonde policewoman who cooks in her spare time. And watch her head explode.

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