Dottie Recommends: Angela Carter

As you may know, I’ve started recommending things I love when I’ve finished an Anita Blake book. It’s a way of blowing off the negative vibes of the finished book, and hopefully introducing you to something new and wonderful for you to fall in love with.

Last time, I recommended Being Human (which I hope you’ve all been indulging in). This time, I’m being a bit different. I was going to just recommend one book but then I found I couldn’t possibly limit myself to just one of this woman’s works.

Angela Carter was a superlative British author, with many feminist and fantasy themes in her work.  Her work is delicious, and I mean that in every sense of the word. Each sentence is like a satisfying three course meal, filling you up with such brilliance of themes and word choice that you are satisfied with each paragraph as a novel on their own. Her love of language and words puts anyone else to shame, and is both inspiring and crushing. I think of her example each time I write, and now that I have started posting my short stories you’ll probably be able to see her influence in them.

Find any of her works and enjoy.


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