A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Lunatic Cafe’ chapter forty three

Last chapter today! So happy that I don’t have to read this anymore and I get to move onto the next one. Hmmm. Bit of a mixed bag there. But I did get to see Iron Man 3 today, and it was amazing and awesome and totally the best of the three.

Neither Edward nor I had to go to jail, even though the cops found the people we killed. Everyone pretty much thought it was a miracle that we had gotten away with our lives.

Isn’t that wizard. And impossible. I know that Edward and Anita were saving themselves when they were in mortal danger, but they still killed a lot of people illegally. It’s hard to escape that without trial. Edward gets away with it because he’s a bounty hunter, which I don’t think works unless the suspects have bounty on them. And Anita… is the queen bee of her world, so she escapes all punishment and consequences. Woop de fucking do.

Anita buys her cop buddies silver bullets. She threatens Gabriel and Raina, even though she should probably turn them into the police. She buys Richard a gold cross. He gets her penguin things.  JC gets her penguin things. She gets him a cameo.

Kapar finds a witch to remove his curse and gets away with no punishment for his crimes. He sends Anita his skin and she hangs it in the living room.

Final thoughts? This book is horrendously bad. Really really bad. The romance takes too much time away from the mystery – the mystery is just a  sidedish of a small salad to the steak and chips of Anita/Richard/JC.  Poorly plotted and executed, with no characters seeming to give a damn about anything. Anita sinks to personal new lows and I want to dismember everyone.


11 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Lunatic Cafe’ chapter forty three

  1. “And Anita… is the queen bee of her world, so she escapes all punishment and consequences.”

    Get used to that, trust me.

    Kaspar’s skin on the wall didn’t register to me as creepy at all the first time I read this as a teen, but now I’m just like…seriously? If this were a real-world series and the supposedly-sane/not evil protagonist had the skin of a criminal mounted on their wall, readers would be completely wtfing. Yet because it’s the skin of his ANIMAL form, the fact that he was a human being, a sentient feeling thinking PERSON, it goes straight past most folks (at least, I assume so, since I haven’t seen much wtfing about it in fandom) as it did a younger and dopier me.

    I think that this idea (that logically you know that’s a human, but your hindbrain/subconscious/wahtever registers it by what it LOOKS like, so killing the animal form and using it for decor doesn’t seem bad) could be played with and explored in some amazing ways…but LKH doesn’t seem aware of that at all and pretty much played it straight–“It’s not serial-killer-style if it’s his swan form skin instead! Look how tough it makes Anita look! Cool, right guys?”

  2. I was under the impression that Kaspar was killed, and then Anita was the skin. Guess it really doesn’t say. Perhaps his death comes up in one line in one of the later books and that is where I am connecting skin = dead Kaspar.

  3. I was under impression that It was Edward who sent Kaspar’s skin to Anita. And as far as see in one of later books that how it was. Although I’m reading translation and not familiar with original. Oh, found a quote: “Sometime in February a box arrived from Edward. It was a swan skin. The note read, “I found a witch to lift his curse.”
    Thanks for reviews btw, It was very fun and interesting to read.)

      • It’s definitely Edward – I have to admit I couldn’t have been bothered to look it up though, if my kindle hadn’t already been right next to me:

        “Sometime in February a box arrived from Edward. It was a swan skin. The note read “I found a witch to lift his curse.””

        It goes on to say that Marcus was the one who paid him to hunt Kaspar down. The fact that it’s then implied that Richard is weak because he doesn’t like the fact that she has the skin of her murdered enemy hung on her living room wall is just… unbelievable.

        By the way, loving the blog. I went back to try and re-read these books (it’s over a decade since I read the first few) and couldn’t believe how much worse they were than I remembered (and I remembered them as badly written, but redeemed by the interesting world-building – the world actually is fairly interesting but it isn’t good enough to justify these books at all… ever… on any level).

        I have to be honest, I’m still slogging through them – it’s like a compulsion to see just how bad they can get. Danse Macabre may be the worst, even the idea of Anita actually reproducing is just sick and wrong on so many levels! Then again it may not be the worst, there’s just so much bad to choose from. I admit I downloaded them from Pirate Bay, I couldn’t have justified actually paying money for them – yet so many people do, they make the bestseller lists time and again. EEK!

      • I think I was burnt out by the end of this book, so I can’t remember much other than just being full of hatred for this series.

        I understand the complusion. I lived with Cecilia’s Eragon compulsion.

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