A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Lunatic Cafe’ chapter forty two

Just back from freshly dyeing my hair a nice, vibrant red. Not only am I picky bitch, but I am a hair dye guru and I do consider there to be few things finer than dyeing your hair. It is a lovely thing, and I do advise it for anyone who hasn’t tried it. A new colour can really change how you think and see the world.

My mood is so good I think I may be able to breeze through this penultimate chapter.

All the baddies burst into the room and curse how their evil plan did not go the way they hoped it would when they went out of the room and did nothing. Kaspar in particular is amazed at how Richard was able to make himself tell Jason to stop trying to rape/eat/braid Anita’s hair. He says that fresh blood will turn Jason into a raping cannibalistic werewolf, whatever Richard tries to do.

Kaspar orders Anita to come to the bars or he’ll shoot her. Some guy (as all these people aside from Kaspar are EXACTLY THE SAME) has a gun that is full of – shock! surprise! horror! – silver bullets.

Uh, I thought that they were going to hunt the werewolves. Why is everyone surprised when the gun has SILVER FUCKING BULLETS IN IT?

Right, right, I said I wouldn’t get too mad.

The guy with the gun says that if Anita is too difficult, he’ll kill a wolfman. He doesn’t say which one, but I hope he kills Richard. I did like Richard, but after the whole assault business last chapter I want him as dead as much as I want JC dead. They are both nasty men, and I would not wish them on anyone, not even a nasty woman like Anita.

Anita sticks her arms through the bars and the men grab an arm each. They poke about her injured arm and cut open her stitches with a knife, then slice away to draw some blood. Anita is so badass, even when being held down by three men, as they struggle to hold onto her.

“One woman in a cage and the three of you can’t handle her.”

Yeah, it does sound implausible, doesn’t it? The implausibility continues as a guy stands by Anita, and even though four people are holding onto her, she manages to grab his gun and shoot him in the stomach. Edward has somehow grabbed a gun and shoots Carmichael in the head.

There are no good or safe for work gifs for that. And I am sorry that I looked.

Titus holds a gun against Anita’s face so Edward shoots him. He makes Aikensen open Anita’s cage, as Jason begins licking up her blood. Jason and Richard begin frothing all over the floor, ‘like a bad grand mal seizure’ and Anita and Edward make to run out the door. No, wait, there’s something to do first.

“Remember what I told you would happen if you hurt Williams?”

[Aikensen] looked at me. “I remember.”

“Good.” I drove the knife upward into his groin. I shoved it hilt deep. Blood poured over my hand.

I get it Anita. You’re a badass.

On an unrelated historical note…

This is a bollock dagger. It was carried by foot soldiers – well, any kind of soldier, or anyone who could afford one – and was used against those in armour. There are gaps in suits of armour to allow movement and one is located in the groin… so, unwittingly, Anita is engaging in an act of medieval warfare.

Anita is surprised that Richard appears to disprove, but stealing the keys from Aikensen’s bleeding corpse, she and Edward make to leave. Richard says that she didn’t have to kill him, and that he only kills because he has to. No, but he may have eaten or raped someone. That’s just A-OK.

Anita and Edward leave as the police arrive. Just one more chapter of this left.


3 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Lunatic Cafe’ chapter forty two

  1. dying hair is fun 😉 I agree. I have mine as pink at the moment 😉 and I figure it will eventually grow out. 🙂

    • I was pink… about two years ago, now. I loved it – really lightened my mindset and made me feel cheeky and fun. It eventually turned this sort of peach colour, and then when I went blue, it reacted with that and went grey!

      I’ve been dyeing my hair since I was about 14, and I can’t imagine being normal coloured now… I think it would freak me out.

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