A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Lunatic Cafe’ chapter forty one

So….. Anita is about to potentially get raped by a werewolf. Excuse me.

*spends a long time staring into the middle distance, wondering just what I’m doing with my life and how people get fortunes and respect based on writing pointless scenes where female characters may get raped by wolves*

Richard’s contribution to this situation is to hold her hand. Supportive, yes. Constructive, no. Unlike Edward, who pulls a lock pick set from his back pocket and starts picking the lock of his cage.

Anita decides to whine about how Edward isn’t rescuing her fast enough, while Jason looms behind her with eyes ‘the innocent blue of spring skies’. It’s amazing how even in situations of extreme danger and ick factor, she still finds time to complain about what people are doing to help her. I just can’t – ugh. Whatever. I’m close to finishing this drivel, I have no more energy left for bitching about Anita myself.

A guy called Carmichael comes in. I can’t remember who he is at all and he tells Edward to stop… very… dramatically… like… this. He forces Edward to throw over the lock pick kit. He’s happy to sit and watch Jason change then rape or eat Anita.


*takes a break to watch part of The Meaning of Life*

Jason starts growling at Carmichael which is sort of impotent as Jason is in a cage and Carmichael is not. Carmichael wants Jason’s head for his wall and says he’s got a lot of trophies like that. Jason begs to be shot.

[Jason] looked at me, and his face was naked, raw with need. Not sex, not hunger, both, neither. I didn’t understand the look in his eyes, and didn’t want to.

He just said that he wants to be shot and to die. He just told you.

“Don’t run,” Richard called. “It excites him.”


Richard says he’s speaking from experience and ugh, great, implied wolf rape. Wonderful.

Jason knelt on all fours by my legs, like a dog awaiting on command. He raised his head and looked at me. A pot of pale green color spilled into his eyes. The blue of his irises drowned in a swirl of new color. When it was done his eyes were the color of new spring grass, pale, pale green, and not human at all.

And not canine at all, either. And yeah, this is all very pretty and nice, but not becoming to a chapter where a woman might be violently sodomised by a wolf.

I can’t believe I just wrote that.

Jason starts stroking Anita’s legs. I’m incredibly uncomfortable. He puts his hands between her legs and she panics. Richard tells her to just be calm. What a shithead. That’s all your advice??? You’re about to watch your girlfriend get raped and eaten by a friend and you’re just saying ‘be calm’.

There’s two pages of Jason forcing himself on Anita but not actually penetrating Anita. It’s uncomfortable reading, especially as this whole chapter doesn’t really have much point to it.

It is finally stopped by Richard just telling him to stop.


That’s all it took.

Richard is not a nice guy. He watched his girlfriend get sexually assaulted by a friend when he knew he could stop it.

And this guy was meant to be her husband of the time?


*takes another break to watch some more of The Meaning of Life*

I can’t wait for this book to be over.




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