A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Lunatic Cafe’ chapter thirty seven

Zerbrowski has been taken off to hospital and Anita snipes about how the doctors aren’t telling her anything. You’re not family, Anita. They don’t give out patient information to anyone who just comes in off the street.

Katie, Zerbrowski’s wife, arrives and Anita actually manages to say something positive about another woman… and then immediately insults someone to counter-act this.

Without a spot of makeup she was lovely. How Zerbrowski had managed to snag her I’d never figured out.

Wait until he’s not in a critical condition to bitch about him.

A doctor comes out to prevent Anita and Katie interacting and confirms that Zerbrowski is still alive and will stay alive until Anita inevitable shoots him.

Christmas was coming after all.

Why can you never be happy about anything Anita.

Katie faints at this and Anita carries her into Zerbrowski’s room. I would like to know where Anita suddenly got her super-strength on but this is not addressed. Instead, we hear about Anita’s clawed up arm (which I don’t remember happening) and how the stitches have broken and the doctor stares at all the scars. Yes, the man who spends his professional life dealing with severe medical emergencies has never seen anything more dramatic and weird than Anita’s scars.

My arm hurt and was bandaged from wrist to elbow. But we were all alive. Yea.

I’m sorry, but what? ‘Yea’? What the hell is that?  Why are you using the Middle English term for ‘not only this but even’? That’s a word from AD 900 – I don’t think it’s even used any more!  Well, unless you have misspelled both ‘yeah’ and ‘yes’. A mistake children don’t even make.

Anita returns home and there is a dull paragraph concluding the fate of Elvira Drew. Apparently, cruelty and spelling mistakes were more important. Elvira has admitted to skinning people but won’t say who she was working with. She’s going to be executed. Don’t we all feel warm inside about it.

Richard comes to the apartment and thanks Anita for all her selfless good deeds. She complains about how her jacket had to be cut off – she wishes hospitals didn’t have to do that. Yeah, aren’t hospitals dreadful for trying to save people’s lives.

Why are you never happy, Anita? I’m cynical, yet your unrelenting gripes with all parts of society pisses me off.

Then a naturalist calls the apartment and says that an owl tape had hyena calls on it. How an expert in owls can recognise a hyena perfectly is, again, not explained. (I was going to have a video of hyena calls but my internet is playing up).  The police didn’t think it was important because they are all loonies. Or that it’s the dick racist policeman from earlier. The naturalist says someone is at the door and promptly gets shivved. Or something. Anita rushes off to help him, but doesn’t bother to call the police because… that would be the smart thing to do.

Oh, and it’s suddenly full moon so Richard can’t help. He says he must as Anita can’t used her injured arm. You know, you could call the rest of the RPIT squad. Those people who specialise in situations like these.

In this desperate rush to save the naturalist, Anita takes the time to complain about Richard’s scruffy clothes. Even though it’s full moon and he is about to change into a wolf why the FUCK do you think he’s wearing old clothes????

I realized what I was sensing from him. Eagerness. Richard’s beast was looking out of his true brown eyes, and it was eager to be about its business.

What could I say? We went.


What does ‘true brown eyes’ mean?


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Lunatic Cafe’ chapter thirty seven

  1. She never reports any of this shit because she is the ONLY ONE (!!!!) who is competent and equipped enough to handle all these problems (except she never seems to know anything and constantly has to have the simplest things explained to her). Besides the fact that if the police are there, she can’t just kill at will.

    Also, “yea” is LKH’s spelling for “yeah”. I don’t even know…

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