A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Lunatic Cafe’ chapter thirty two

Or as I like to call it, ‘ding ding, the plot is ringing’.

And I mean that it a literal sense. Anita, after getting only an hour of sleep, is woken up by a phone call by Ronnie.  Here’s a pleasant little aside – how much sleep does Anita actually get? She seems to get an hour or two at most. She never eats or drinks. How is she still alive?

Ronnie has news about Mrs Smitz. Remember her? The case hasn’t been brought up properly since we met the plot divergence called Louis. Anyway, Ronnie has pictures of George Smitz with another woman and found out that he went around buying silver bullets right next to her butcher’s shop. Ronnie wants to drive over and confront him right away and probably needs the help of a gun toting maniac. Anita agrees, even though she’s got a head injury, a touch of hypothermia, and only an hour’s sleep over about two days.

Richard then calls, bright as a new penny. There’s another shapeshifter missing – remember that plot line? I mean, it must be hard to, seeing as it’s squeezed in-between all the JC and Richard BS –  Jason, the guy who crawled all over Anita back in chapter 12. Thirty chapters ago. Anita tells Richard about believing that George killed Peggy Smitz and Richard says that the werewolves will deal with it. Yeah, I don’t like the sound of that. If he killed her, hand him into the police. Don’t let this George guy get ripped apart by werewolves.

Anita asks for shapeshifters to help them threaten George into confessing. Why not let the police do their job and catch him based on evidence? Although that’s probably asking too much of the police in this universe.

There are ten more chapters of this. Maybe at some point Anita will accidentally stumble into the missing werewolves and then accidentally onto Richard’s penis. I’m not asking for competence, just for her to give a shit about her life.


3 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Lunatic Cafe’ chapter thirty two

  1. Later in the series, her life force gets tied to multiple men so that she has to eat more or she’ll start draining energy from them to keep going. She also gets infected with the ardeur, a vampire magic that makes her HAVE to have sex or die. The ardeur can be kept in check by eating more. Just a protein bar or a shake, really, in addition to regular meals. But she doesn’t, and so repeatedly ends up having sex with loads of guys against her consent and, often, against theirs as well. For some reason she’s not portrayed as criminally irresponsible and no one shoves a burger down her throat. LKH doesn’t seem to want us to rage at Anita for not using this very simple control method, so I’m baffled as to why she stuck it in at all.

    Also, in the book that I’m on, one of the men she’s bound to, whom she claims to love greatly, whom she claims to be devastated by the thought of losing, is injured. He will heal faster if she eats. And yet someone else still has to talk her into having some damn croissants and cheese. I really, really do not understand LKH’s fascination with Anita hating food. It reminds of the Victorian “fasting girls” and how physical abstinence/weakness was linked with moral purity and thus frail wasting women were lauded. And Anita is, of course, morally pure because she HAD to have sex with all those men! It’s the women who dare to CHOOSE their sex partners who are sluts, how dare they! Yup, real feminist hero right here, this one, so empowered.

    • Of course, in this same book, women who deliberately diet have been slammed twice. I guess “not eating” is in the same camp as “has sex” for LKH—it’s only bad if the woman CHOOSES to do so.

      • I have never understood this aspect either. Especially when, in the book I’m reading now, she complains about having gained 10 lbs because shes eating so much due to JC (at this point he can taste food through her. So when they go on dates, they haggle over menu choices and she comments that in private, he rolls around on the floor in ecstasy while she eats. So wtf??)

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