Liebster Blog Award

Y’all know how I love to receive pretty things and regular commenter RF has very kindly nominated me for the Liebster blog award. The conditions of the award dictate that I post eleven random facts about myself and then answer the eleven questions that the person who awarded it to me posted on their page. After that, I give the award to eleven other bloggers who have under 200 followers, link to the person who gave it to me, and link to the people I give the award too after they accept.

This is RF’s blog. Go there. She’s proper cool and is reviewing the later Anita books.

And uh… well, I don’t follow that many blogs that have under 200 followers. Guess I’m a pretty sucky blogger – but I’ll be hunting some out, and putting them up here when I get the chance.

1. – The South West London Food Blog. I like food. I’m moving to London. I like to hear about food in London.

2. – Polar Bear Gamer. The crown prince of bears knows how to write a great game review. (Plus he’s filmed a few episodes of my show, so I do kind of owe him).

11 Random Facts About Me

  1. Despite having a nose piercing and a large-ish tattoo on my left shoulder blade, I really hate needles. I won’t even get my ears pierced. (Don’t try to question the inherent flaws in this)
  2. I have had acne since the age of ten. Occasionally, my pores get infected which is very nasty and I have to take heavy-duty antibiotics. If I stay on them too long, my kidneys might fail. Acne is not fun.
  3. My South African grandfather was arrested on the charge of being Fidel Castro. He was in the South African merchant navy and docked in New York. A man with tanned skin, a great big bushy beard and a weird accent? The secret service scooped him up because they thought it was some clever ploy by Castro to get into America and cause trouble. Needless to say, my grandfather was most definitely not the leader of Cuba.
  4. I had two pregnancy scares by the age of eighteen.
  5. My all-time favourite song of all time is ‘Suspicious Minds’ by Elvis Presley. Don’t ask me why. Just listen to it. You’ll see why.
  6. The only time I had a crush on anyone – the whole fluttery feeling, can’t talk to them, yadda yadda yadda – was at the age of eight. Since then, I have never felt any interest in anyone.
  7. I wanted to be an egyptologist since the age of five. I wanted to go to university since before that. I’ve always been rather academically minded.
  8. I once tried to climb over a wall to get into Whitby Abbey on a drunken college trip to visit sites of interest in Dracula when studying gothic literature. I was scared off by a flock of geese.
  9. Some Like It Hot has been my favourite film since I was six. Jack Lemmon is a delight in that film.
  10. I don’t get Ryan Gosling’s appeal.
  11. When my parents separated when I was ten, I began controlling my diet and having panic attacks in public places. I would make myself sick or hurt myself to avoid dealing with people. It’s still very difficult for me to talk about this period with anyone save my mother. I never talk about it with my father.

RF’s questions to me.

1) What is your favorite rodent? (Be sure and make sure it is indeed a rodent! For instance, shrews and hedgehogs and rabbits are NOT rodents!)

Capybaras. They’re like guinea pig dogs. Rodents and I… don’t get along too good. I keep chickens and got a ratting terrier. I like them, but not when they threaten my lifestock.

2) Have you ever ridden horses? Would you like to?

I did ride horses when I was young. I remember it being fun but I don’t really have the money to do it again any time soon.

3) Which fairy tale do you think you’d fare best in? For instance, do you think you’d have a better shot as a girl with long hair living in a tower, or walking through wolf-ridden woods, etc.

Oooh, this is a hard one! Women don’t tend to do so well in fairy tales, do we? We’re damsels, we’re distressed and shit happens to us. So I’ll have to be pedantic and say The Wizard of Oz series. Baum wrote it to be the great American fairy tale but he was fairly progressive for his time and wrote a world where women and men were equal. The series is about adventure and fun, not about marriage and bebbies.

4) In terms of fashion, what is your favorite period of history?

Another hard one. I love the late medieval, the Tudor, the Stuart, the Georgian, the late nineteenth century, the twenties, the fifties, the sixties…but I think, overall, I like the 1520s to the 1560s. What can I say? I’m an Early Modernist who specialises in the reign of Henry VIII. I like the fashion of Henry VIII’s court and always have.

5) Do you prefer fairy tale movies (Snow White & The Huntsman, Red Riding Hood, etc.) or comic book movies (X-men series, The Dark Knight trilogy, etc.)?

I adore fairy tales, but fairy tale movies pretty much suck (but I did love Snow White & The Huntsman). Comic book movies have had a lot of problems, but I think they’re done better.

6) Bobs Burgers vs The Simpsons vs Family Guy vs King of the Hill! Which is your favorite and why? Or, if you don’t like any, why’s that?

The Simpsons. No question. I’ve watched the show since before I could remember. It’s made my sense of humour what it is today. It’s clever and hilarious (well, until about season nine, but still) and one of the best shows ever made.

7) Whose work as an artist, musician, director, author, etc do you really like but find to be really shitty as a person? Alternatively, is there anyone who you find to be a really awesome person but really bad at whatever it is they do as a career/art?

I’ve heard that Siouxsie Sioux can be a bit harsh, and George R. R. Martin says a lot of shit about other fantasy authors, but I don’t like to be overly harsh about people I don’t know.

8) What is the worst/weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on someone’s online dating profile?

Never been on dating profiles, what with the whole asexual thing.

9) Your favorite mythological creature and why?

While I’ve loved vampires since I was a kid (I was running from vampires in my bathroom at the age of five. I once rolled all the way down the stairs trying to hide from bathroom vampires!), I do love shapeshifters. I love the idea of being able to change into an animal at the drop of a hat, the idea of being free whenever I want to be. Sadly, most shapeshifters in fiction really disappoint me. There’s a huge lack of creativity in dealing with shapeshifters and werewolves, making them just mindless violence obsessed semi-people. Or wolf-men. I don’t like half-man, half-animal creatures either.

10) Did you have a special blanket or stuffed animal when you were little? Tell me about it!


This is Mischief. You’ve met him a few times. I won him on a raffle at my ballet show when I was six. I used to write him into stories, or dress him up like a baby and carry him around, and when I got ill (I got ill a lot) I would hold him. I would think of him like a talisman, to scare about illness and the darkness around me. He’s been around the world with me and I can’t imagine having a home without him there.

11) Do you prefer print books, or digital?

Print. I hate reading from screens. It gives me migraines.

My questions to you

  1. What’s your favourite villain and why?
  2. Food. Name me some favourite foods!
  3. Who was your childhood idol? Do you still admire them as much as you did?
  4. Snow or sun?
  5. Do you have any crafting hobbies?
  6. Do you write better questions than I do?
  7. What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done with your hair? What’s the wildest thing you want to try with your hair?
  8. What’s one thing you can never resist?
  9. What’s your favourite game?
  10. What’s your favourite book/film/media that you love to hate the most?
  11. What’s your most hated genre stereotype? For instance, I hate the stalking or domestic violence that is prevalent in supernatural or fantasy works.

4 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Whoo, I’ll go link you on my list now!

    3. I find this hilarious.
    6. Does Hiddles not count?
    8. Just be glad they weren’t swans!
    10. Hey girl

    Ahhh, the fashion of Henry VIII‘s time, with their big conspicuous codpieces! 8D

    Agreed on fairy tale movies vs. comic book ones.

    I’ve never actually been on a dating website either, but I’ve seen tumblrs devoted to the really weird/bad/disturbing/wtf profiles. They’re…interesting, to say the least.

    I like shapeshifters over vampires too (though I still love me some vamps too!) and I agree on the lack of creativity.

    I have this THING about reading books on the computer screen. I just can’t focus. It’s made me rarely read any fanfic or the like. I don’t know why I don’t feel that way about regular posts, but somehow with longer stories or books, it’s just…not the same.

    • That’s the weird thing – I find him attractive and a nice person, but I am not sexually attracted to him. But he sure is purrrtyy.

      There are so many journal sources and original documents I need for my special subject and I just can’t read them because I hate reading on a computer. And I always forget my glasses and that just makes things worse.

      Codpieces all the way. Keep your sandwiches in them, make you look all manly. I kind of want to try and make a French hood, just to see if I could do it.

      • So like how I feel about horses and majestic dog breeds and a lot of various men (I’m gay). I get that!

        Ooh, if you do make a French hood, see if you can do a pretty pearl trim, those are the best ones.

        Also, I forgive you for not being huge on rodents since you have a practical reason versus just thinking EW GROSS A RAT and since you defended wererathood from Anita’s judgey-ness ;D

      • Ugh, just delete my own comment. >_<

        I like rodents, I really do (I hope to get some rats in the future) but I have to have a practical head about it. It's my chickens or the huge fuckin' rat the size of a cat, fat from food waste and eating my crops.

        I think if I stretch fabric over wire I might be able to do it. I'm hoping to work on it with my gran over Easter (she's a dressmaker).

        Yeah, that's pretty much it – finding someone attractive or seeing how they're sexy in a non-sexy way. Asexuality lets me find all the people sexy in non-sexy ways!

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