A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Lunatic Cafe’ chapter eleven

After the brief respite of MY AMAZING PROSE we are back to Hamilton. Thankfully, the chapter is short.

Anita is invited to sit on Marcus’s platform. He holds hands with Raina but Anita doesn’t think it’s a gesture of affection. Remember, if you too would like to be Anita Blake, you have to show suspicion of everything that might be construed as being caused by feel-ings.

A woman came through the door. Short blond hair –


styled and held in place with gel. Her business skirt suit was red with pinkish undertones, like a rose petal. Her white blouse had one of those blousy ties that made the suit seem feminine, and a little silly.

Yeah, you just got judged by the woman who thinks a novelty Christmas jumper is suitable business attire. Blonde werewolf lady is called Christine and she’s just the first, as the room starts to fill with werewolves. Rafael, the were-rat king, turns up and he’s described as looking ‘sensuous’ because he’s latina. There are two big guys who are rather generic and complain about a human woman being here to help them. There are too many ‘kings’ in the room and as they square up to each other, Anita takes the chance to pull out her gun and run away.

I have no idea why she does this.

Alfred the body guard follows her, as per his job, and puts her in a choke hold. I approve. Christine notices instantly and tells Marcus that Anita’s challenging his authority and he ought to kill her, or risk losing pack leadership. Marcus is more concerned with how his bodyguard managed to miss that Anita was packing.

Instead of just handing over her gun and avoiding all this, Anita points her gun at Alfred and threatens to kill him. Yes, threatening to kill people has worked so well as a tactic before now. Marcus reminds her that there was a promise not to bring any weapons, and if she runs around threatening to shoot people he will have to remind her of his authoritah.

Anita threatens to shoot Marcus too.

fed up of this

Anita Blake is, single handedly, one of the single most stupid characters in any book series I have read. Nothing she does makes any kind of logical sense. She’s like the active version of Bella Swan – unable to think things through or behave intelligently or have any sort of personality.

Alfred advances on her. Anita shoots him in the heart, killing him instantly.

“You didn’t have to kill him,” [Marcus] said, softly.

“You gave me no choice,” I said.

urge to kill rising

Look, this whole situation might be shitty but there was absolutely no reason to kill Alfred. No one threatened you. They are asking you for help. You pull out a gun – which you said you would give up/not bring – and kill one of them.

“For future reference, so there will never be another misunderstanding between us, Marcus. I never bluff.”

“So you said.”

“But you didn’t believe me.”

He watched the blood spread across the floor. “I believe you now.”

You murdered someone to prove a point?

why would you do that?

I’m now taking bets that this incident will not be spoken of or mentioned again, as Anita will not display any remorse for shooting a guy in cold blood just to prove a stupid point.

Plus, it’s been a hundred pages and the plot has yet to make an appearance.


9 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Lunatic Cafe’ chapter eleven

  1. Whatever Anita, I think bow-neck blouses are cute. They’re also a lot more office-appropriate than said novelty sweater.

    “Rafael, the were-rat king, turns up and he’s described as looking ‘sensuous’ because he’s latina”

    Latino, actually. Latino for men, latina for the ladies ;D

    I recall that, back in the day, as in around this time, there was a weretiger named Christine who sort of hung out with the other therians because she was the only one in the city since they were so rare, and the first time Anita meets her she was in businesswear. Maybe this is her? I was going to say I don’t recall her doing much of anything, but it seems she’s just told Marcus to kill Anita. Well, she’s blonde, she had to be antagonistic somehow.

    “I’m now taking bets that this incident will not be spoken of or mentioned again, as Anita will not display any remorse for shooting a guy in cold blood just to prove a stupid point.”

    Ding ding ding, you are correct! Anita Blake: Not Just Stupid, But Also A Sociopath

    • Ah, I did not know that. My own ignorance showing there.

      ‘Anita Blake: Not Just Stupid, But Also A Sociopath’ should be on a t-shirt.

      I feel really sorry for Alfred. He was only doing his job and I bet he only had two days until retirement.

  2. I haven’t actually read any anita books since I was a teen but I remember it being established that she’s a sociopath which makes sense since one of her jobs is to execute people (well vampires, but vamps are still people) but that shouldn’t mean that she should be okay with killing people to prove a point! Someone who is made a sociopath by their job (like a solider or a hired gun) wouldn’t just randomly kill an innocent just because! I find this hard to believe.

    • Four books in, there has been no mention or reference made to Anita actually being a sociopath. It would make sense though, given her general lack of thought or affection for anyone else and appear to offer concern or empathy for those around her.

      • I don’t think she’s supposed to be a sociopath, at least not by the author’s intent. I can see where you’d get the impression, though!

      • The books would be more interesting (and probably a lot better) if Anita was intentionally written as a sociopath, instead the amazing super fabulous heroine she’s supposed to be. She’d be more relatable; personally, I cannot relate to a woman who’s first response in an uncomfortable situation is to whip out a gun and start threatening everyone.

  3. Oh I thought she was meant to be a sociopath, or a borderline sociopath. Wasn’t there a lot of her angsting about her being more than borderline? Or maybe I just read it that way.
    As I said I haven’t read them for a while.

  4. I was sure the sociopath angst started by this point. I’m about to go through the e-books one by one to figure out when that starts up. It becomes such a big theme later that I forgot it wasn’t always there.

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