A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Lunatic Cafe’ chapter five

Anita phones Dolph Storr, a man who was left behind when other authors gave their characters such silly things as ‘character’, ‘depth’ or ‘personality’.

She immediately has a go at him for answering the phone by saying her name.

I let it go. Not every wife would appreciate her husband answering the phone with another woman’s name.

It’s called Caller ID. It is not new.

Anyway, there’s been a murder over by St. Ambrose Monastery.

He gave me directions. There were too many of them and I didn’t have pen and paper.

Because you are fucking useless.

I begged a pen from an older couple. The man was wearing a cashmere overcoat. The woman wore real diamonds. The pen was engraved, and might have been real gold. He did not make me promise to bring it back. Trusting, or above such petty concerns.

Or maybe it’s because when you borrow a pen, most people expect you to give it back if you are a decent human being. Anita whines about how long the drive is bur Dolph tells her to grow the fuck up says it’ll be ‘time’ when she arrives.

I gave the man back his pen. He accepted it graciously as if he’d never doubted its return. Good breeding.

Or just good manners. I know that’s a confusing concept, Anita, but some people have them.


5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Lunatic Cafe’ chapter five

  1. Use of the term “good breeding” to explain basic manners just makes my hackles raise, omg. IMPLICATIONS, THINK OF THEM BEFORE YOU TYPE.

      • Awww, that actually sounds cute.

        Admittedly, I might be more quick to jump on it because I live in the American South, which has a really nasty history of classism and judging how you’ll turn out/how you are by your family (I mean, it’s hard to think of somewhere that doesn’t, but…) and has been very slow to change. Or at least more honest about that slowness. And then it overlaps with sexism and racism and you get the most horrible little still-simmering stewpot ever. So yeah, the “oh, he’s polite, good breeding, because he’s rich and they’re good” thing is gonna make me snarl

        …well, not now that I’m picturing him as an adorable Pekingese in a cashmere coat. THANKS XD

      • Dogs make everything better.

        No, I felt the same when I almost made a joke about good breeding before I realised ‘Wait – having good genetics doesn’t make you a better person. Good parenting makes you a better person. After all, that’s why I have some manners even though I’m a genetic mongrel!’ So I totally understand where you’re coming from.

  2. “It’s called Caller ID. It is not new.”

    Or there’s the fact that he/his department paged her, and thus he’s expecting her call. Come on, Hamilton, it’s the reason she’s on the phone in the first place. If you can’t maintain continuity between adjacent chapters, then why are you bothering?

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