A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter forty nine

Sorry for missing last night’s posting; I was at a friend’s for her birthday. I was totally not avoiding this because I am sick to the gills of Anita sodding Blake.

But today I finish Circus of the Damned!

Bullet pointing it because I can.

  • JC sends Anita white roses, saying that she is free but that he is totally into her. Or something.
  • Anita realises that she maybe loves him a little, despite all the lack of care for her consent over the whole mind rape thing.
  • mmmm rape really gets me into the mood for love.
  • She bitches about Richard being a werewolf. Whatever.
  • She feels bad about killing Mr. Oliver because apparently being part of a criminal conspiracy to slaughter a large proportion of St. Louis is not a crime.
  • The not-lamia is now working at Circus of the Damned because… it’s an amazing and fantastic idea to let her around children.
  • Oh, and NOW she mentions that she’s been on a date with Richard. Not when she was talking about him, but right at the end of the chapter and the book.
  • ugh.
  • He has soft lips, anyway.
  • OH and JC is constantly sending her gifts and won’t stop. That’s a toss-up between obsession and stalking; either way, it’s ample grounds for a restraining order.
  • ‘Most women complain that there are no single, straight men left. I’d just like to meet one who’s human’.
  • Boo fucking hoo, little Miss ‘ A Love Triangle is going to be the keystone of the next five or so books isn’t it?’
  • I bet a werewolf-woman-vampire love triangle was so new and innovative when this was written.
  • I still don’t like it.

My final thoughts on Circus of the Damned?

This book is appalling.  Taking aside the awful research, the insulting manner with which Hamilton writes about minorities of all kinds, and the whole HIV-as-a-metaphor-for-being-a-werewolf and vampire-mind-control-is-rape, this book is, above all, badly written.  This is a murder mystery where the mystery is pushed aside so Anita can be forced into situations with JC so that he can mind hump her into submission. This book was about the murders of two human beings but after about twenty chapters, no one gave a fuck about that anymore.  The final ‘twists’ at the end – that Richard was a werewolf and Aztec Joe and Oliver were in cahoots – were things that Anita, being professional and college educated, should have noticed immediately. If you have to make your main character dumb for the limited plot to work, there is a problem.  Hamilton’s typically ‘muddy’ writing style strikes again; in several chapters I had no idea what was happening or where it was happening. To put it in other words, ‘what the fuck is this shit?’. While I found this book a lot less offensive than the rancid pile that was The Laughing Corpse, the pacing and the inability to keep the plot consistent (or even to feel as if any event was actually connected) makes Circus of the Damned a lot worse from a writing point of view.

What’s the next one I’ve got? The Lunatic Cafe? Goodie.


6 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter forty nine

  1. Ahahaha, are you doing the whole series? I’m hoping so, but warning, it’ll take you awhile, there’s like twenty books now…and the fail never stops coming. Pun intended.

    You’ll learn to miss Oliver. I do now. He was the only one of the Council who ever DID anything, who had a goal, who seemed to have any awareness of vampire issues at large, and, last but not least, his character wasn’t focused around sex sex sex. Seriously, every other Council member that we know jack about is obsessed with sex, sadism, or both, while really not doing much else. There’s two who might not be, but we don’t know ANYTHING about them. The ones we meet or learn about? All sexual monsters who…don’t really have any evil plots that I recall that aren’t either FOR THE EVULZ or FOR THE SEX. Oliver’s mass murder method was evil, yeah, cuz he’s a villain and a vampire and stuff, but at least he had reasons beyond just ‘I like this’ which is more than I can say for what I recall about the rest.

    …god I miss him can you tell

  2. I’ve found two good vampire series. The Black Dagger Brotherhood series and the Argeneau Vampire novels. Neither of them have romance centered around the same people for more than one book, and neither treat rape/abuse lightly which seems to be rare in romance books in general. The Black Dagger Brotherhood have vampires as a separate species, and in the Argeneau books, vampires are an evolution of humans enhanced with Atlantian technology (better than it sounds). Each has their own unique vampire culture.

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