A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter forty eight

I woke up staring into an off-white ceiling. I blinked at the ceiling for a minute. Sunlight lay in warm squares across the blanket. There were metal rails on the bed. An IV dripped into my arm.

A hospital – then I wasn’t dead. Surprise, surprise.

Richard then comes in with a bunch of flowers about the size of a sheep.

But he had his throat torn out – I actually read it happening. It wasn’t fobbed off on me by happening off-page.

“No human being could survive that,” I said softly.

“I know.” He looked incredibly sad as he said it.

hang on… he’s an expert in lycanthropes, right? He’s a werewolf, isn’t he.

“I’m a lycanthrope.”

I shook my head. “I know what a lycanthrope feels like, moves like. You aren’t one.”

I think Richard knows if he’s a werewolf or not, Anita.

“I’m next in line to be pack leader. I can pass for human, Anita. I’m good at it.”

What does that mean? When you’re a wolf, you’re a wolf. When you’re a human, you’re a human. Unless something makes you piss on the edges of chairs or drink out of water dishes when it’s not a full moon, I don’t think I could tell a werewolf from anyone else.

Anyway, Richard was forced by JC to not tell Anita, cause JC has all the wolf powers, and JC wants to abuse his power to circumvent their potential relationship. His pack leader pimped him out to Puddykins and the cleaner of his litter tray because… lycanthropes aren’t allowed to teach. It’s not that clear – it’s a pretty awkward segue.

What’s even more awkward is that JC has hidden the bodies of people who died at the Circus and hahaha all the witnesses are telling different stories, isn’t intimidation and murder sooo funny. Plus JC is alive. Eugh. At least Aztec Joe’s marks cancelled out JC’s so Anita is free from any kitty kat duties sometime soon.

“Are you happy the marks are gone?”

I started to say, “Of course,” then stopped myself. There are something very serious in Richard’s face. He knew what it was to be offered power. To be one with the monster. It could be horrible, and wonderful.

Finally I said “Yes.”

Anita, do you just want to sleep with JC? You just want to roll around in his lacy shirts, don’t you.

Why wasn’t I happier to be rid of Jean-Claude? Why wasn’t I relieved to be no one’s human servant? Because I’d miss him? Stupid. Ridiculous. True.

Also Anita woke up from a serious coma due to the power of ~*magic*~. I am not shitting you.

Anita asks Richard how he became a werewolf, because that’s not personal at all, and he says it was from a botched anti-lycanthropy shot. Remember when I mentioned that the inoculation was only 50% effective and how ridiculous it was that was even allowed to be used in a medical environment? Yeah, the point still stands.

Anita laughs. She laughs at a disease that she has compared to the seriousness of HIV. While I certainly do not condone the metaphor in any way, I am horrified that she finds something which is held to be as serious and devastating as that disease to be worth laughing at. I am astounded by the depths to which Anita sinks in my opinion. She is, without a doubt, one of the nastiest and least likeable characters I have ever read about. It’s made worse by the fact she’s meant to be our sympathetic heroine.

I hope the series ends entirely with her dying in a big fire.


2 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter forty eight

  1. “I hope the series ends entirely with her dying in a big fire.”

    Oh god, so do I, you don’t even know. This is BEFORE the shark jumps off a damn bridge and she starts raping and mentally enslaving people left and right and IT’S PRESENTED AS OKAY.

    Also she first saw Richard naked (she harps on a LOT about how shapeshifters ALL dislike clothing and go nude whenever possible…because no one who is ever prudish or shy is ever turned I guess) in the Circus of the Damned (where everyone is supernatural) hanging out with another shifter (Rashida). How the fuck did she NOT know he wasn’t a baseline human? It’d be way weirder if he was.

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