A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter forty seven

Only two more chapters to go. I’m dangerously close to burn out but I can do this!

Right, the thing in the cloak attacks Anita and she jabs it with a knife. It bites her, and she’s resistant to poison and all that shit so she’s fine. She works out the weakness of the thing in the cloak (that is an incredibly professional analysis) is where ‘the snake part met human flesh’ and she jabs at it. It runs away.

While the crowd are being attacked, JC and Oliver are standing around, staring at each other. What an amazing battle.

The cobra thing lay at the foot of the dais, its head bisected by machine-gun fire. Edward caught on quick.

… when the hell did that happen?? It would have been nice to, I don’t know, see that it had happened rather than be told. But no, the focus is on how JC and Oliver are having a staring contest.

Aztec Joe, on the other hand, is brutally murdering Yasmeanie.  Marguerite screams and starts running around. Anita, suddenly struck with this emotion I like to call compassion, tries to help her. Aztec Joe jumps in-between them and says he’ll let Anita go to her if Anita will be his servant. Yes, because that makes amazing sense.

Edward then sets him on fire. It’s very anti-climatic.

Aztec Joe runs towards her and threatens to kill Anita if Edward doesn’t drop the machine gun he managed to hide on his person somehow. Edward complies, because if Anita dies the book is over. Edward and Richard – oh yeah, he’s still here – are jumped on by Aztec Joe’s House of Gaga.

When I could see again, think again, I was lying on my back, staring up at the tent roof. Arms drew me upward, cradled me. Alejandro held me close. He’d cut a line of blood on his chest, just above the nipple. “Drink.”

Always with the nipples…

Anita stabs him but Aztec Joe doesn’t go down that easy. He’s got a famous scene from Dracula to recreate! Anita has a spasm attack and blacks out. When she wakes up, she’s cradled in Edward’s arms. He’s managed to push Aztec Joe away somehow and kill all his people. Again, I do not get to read about it happening, just hear about it in the narration. Anyway, Anita’s the servant of Aztec Joe now and JC is failing in his staring contest.

Alejandro helped me close, and I didn’t try to stop him. He whispered against my cheek, “You are a necromancer, Anita. You have power over the dead. That is why Jean-Claude wanted you as his servant.”

No shit. Thank you the Vampire Obvious.

“Oliver thinks to control you through controlling me, but I know that you are a necromancer. Even as a servant, you have free will. You do not have to obey as the others do. As a human servant, you are yourself a weapon. You can strike one of us and draw blood.”

Why, thank you Aztec Joe for giving Anita all the information she needs to kill you and Oliver. I mean, I understand that you are telling her the evil plan to have her stake the loser of the staring contest, but it’s playing right into her hands.

Richard then jumps in to try and… do something, and gets his throat town out by Oliver for his trouble.

Anyway, Aztec Joe leads her up to where JC is stretched out. Oliver confirms that she is Aztec Joe’s servant and tells her to kill JC. With all the impeding obviousness of a truck speeding around painted pink and with a dragon crouched upon it, Anita stakes Oliver. When he’s dead, Anita then rips Aztec Joe’s heart from his chest and squeezes it. She then falls unconscious.

oooo drama. I can hardly wait to see whether Anita’s in peril or not.


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