A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter forty six

Anita goes inside the Circus and it’s full of people in costumes because no one remembers the guy who was eaten by a giant snake. It sounds like a great place to take the kids.

Edward stood beside me in a long black cloak with a death’s-head mask. Death dressed up as death; funny, huh?


A vampire called Rashida steps put of the crowd to meet Anita. Anita doesn’t believe it’s Rashida because Rashida had her arm torn off the last time she saw her, two days ago. (TWO DAYS AGO? Man, the timeline for this book is fucked up). Anita’s forgotten that lycantropes heal fast because tonight she’s pretending that she knows nothing about the field she’s meant to be an expert in. Plus I do not remember any female shapeshifters in this book because they aren’t as sexy as naked men. Anita and Lawrence follow her to JC.

Edward followed us at our heels. Silent as his namesake, trusting that he’d get to kill something big soon.

…. silent as Edward the Confessor? Silent as Edward the Martyr? I don’t think there are Edwards especially associated with being silent. Anyway, Rashida talks about costumes and shows, and Anita is confused. JC then talks in her brain, because isn’t that pleasant, and him and Mr. Olvier are going to duke it out in a ring so that all the humans can watch and no one gets hurt. Yes, children of St. Louis, watch two men rip each other into shreds for your amusement. Anita and Edward both then drop into the ring because… I don’t know.

I recognised Richard’s hair and his naked chest before he lifted the mask off his face. It was a white mask with a blue star on one cheek. He was wearing glittering blue harem pants with a matching vest and shoes. Everyone was in costume but me.

You were at work raising the dead for the bereaved. If you were dressed as Tinkerbell, it’d have been fucking insulting. Anyway, JC is sat on some golden throne with some wolves because he’s king of the bloody castle or something.

The real French courtier. I didn’t know what to call half of the costume. The coat was black with tasteful silver here and there. A short half-cloak was worn over one shoulder only. The pants were billowy and tucked into calf-high boots. Lace edged the foldover tops of the boots. A wide white collar lay at his throat. Lace spilled out of the coat sleeves. It was topped off by a wide, almost floppy hat with a curving arch of black and white feathers.

“You look like something out of The Three Musketeers,” I said.

“Accurate, ma petite.”

“Is it your original century?”

No, it’s a classic novel by Alexandre Dumas.

Yasmeenie is there and the two exchange ‘witty’ barbs, and then JC invites Anita up to his throne, all casual like. He then talks about how he picked out such a lovely costume for her because he’s an ass. He’s all pissed and stuff about her betraying him, but he’s an arsehole so I don’t especially care. Then all the house lights go down and JC starts this big dramatic speech about how gods and devils are going to be fighting tonight and isn’t that wonderful apart from the fact if he doesn’t win ‘tomorrow night will see a bloodbath such as no city in the world has ever seen. They will feed upon the flesh and blood of this city until it is drained dry and lifeless’. Isn’t that wonderful. So much consideration is given to the citizens of St. Louis in this series, isn’t it? I mean, it’s wonderful how they get to have a say in the vampire politics or are allowed to be told whether they’re at risk of being slaughtered in their beds.

Then Oliver makes a speech about how glorious death is and because he has vampire voice powers, all the humans in the audience start begging for him to kill them. Lovely. Some actually try to throw themselves from their seats to die. I just love it when autonomy is taken away from people.

Rashida and sexist Stephen shapeshift in front of the crowd while JC monologues about how he has powers over wolves, yadda yadda yadda. The not-lamia runs around and I think that they fight – I’m not sure, because I have no idea what’s happening in the text as Hamilton’s muddy writing starts again. There are some things in cloaks. Edward, Richard and Anita shoot at them, and they don’t die. Anita apologises to JC. I don’t care.


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