A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter forty one

I was sitting on the edge of my bathtub in nothing but a large beach towel. I had showered and shampooed and washed the mud and blood down the drain. Except for the blood that was still seeping out of the deep scrape on my back. Edward held a smaller towel to the cut, putting pressure on it.

I’m amazed you just have a shallow cut, seeing as you were thrown through a waterfall and magically landed in a cave.

Edward is helping her, and examines the bite of the male not-lamia. He’s worried about it, thinking that she might be poisoned. Anita says it feels fine, as she’s a fucking robot that doesn’t feel pain or injury.

But UH OH! It’s coming up to three! Richard is coming over! How is he going to react to this?

I spy SHENANIGANS coming up!

So no one told you vampire slayin’ was gonna be this way….

Anyway, Anita’s back hurts too much for a bra so she has to wear a silk robe with nothing on underneath. She considers wearing a teddy, but decides against it as it’s too uncomfortable.

Why don’t you put on clothes? You think that Richard is going to misconstrue the situation between you and Edward, so you decide to answer the door with only a robe over your nude body? How is that better than putting on clothes?

[Richard’s] eyes flicked to Edward. “Did I interrupt something?”

Luckily, Richard is the single most trusting man in the entire universe and doesn’t think anything is wrong. It probably has something to do with how ‘great in black’ she looks. Richard asks about what happened the night before – I don’t think that Anita has slept in about three days – and Anita shrugs it off, saying that she doesn’t owe Richard any explanations. Yes, doubt care and concern in all human beings.

I caught Edward’s expression. “What are you getting at?”

“Your suave and debonair way with men.”

Laughing tennant

Edward hands her a business card and leaves. Anita then feels the effects of not-lamia venom kick in and sort of collapses. She asks Richard to take her to the hospital because I’m sure the hospital carries anti-venom for a creature that’s sort of like one that went extinct a couple of hundred years ago. Richard suggests rushing her to Stephen the werewolf for a quick nip as lycanthropes can’t be poisoned.  Anita says she would rather die, as she’s the open type.

I tried to get up and go for the bathroom but collapsed on the white carpet and vomited blood. Red and bright and fresh. I was bleeding to death inside.

Maybe it’s the injuries you sustained from falling from that waterfall suddenly hitting in. Either way, I can’t wait to see what happens.


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