A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter thirty eight

Most excellent news of the day: MPs in British Parliament have had a majority vote for gay marriage.


Lawrence drops Anita off at her home, and he’s picking her up at five for… I don’t know, more animating work? Hopefully, unless that means he’s become her personal driver which is NOT OKAY. She could just hire a car or something.

A family was loading up a grey van with coolers and a picnic hamper. The man smiled. “I don’t think we’ll get many more days like this.”

So jelly, right now. Picnic weather is two hours in August in England.

As is the custom, the instant that Anit steps into her flat two scary men jump out on her. It’s the harem of the lamia (because yes, child killing demons are so sultry) and the lamia herself is here, to tell Anita that a bounty hunter tried to kill Mr. Olvier yesterday. They’ve come to pick up Anita.

She shrugged. “Oliver gives me orders and I follow them.” A look passed over her lovely face – hatred.

“How long has he been your master?”

“Too long.”

All the other lamias are dead. It looks like it’s pretty good to have Mr. Oliver as your master. Anita asks how the lamia gets punished because apparently it’s her business. Guess what? It’s not. Anyway, she doesn’t want to give up JC to Oliver, but she can give up Aztec Joe.

[The lamia’s harem] both offered me their arms, like in some late movie. “Sorry guys, I don’t need an escort.”

“I’ve trained them to be gentlemen, Ms. Blake; take advantage of it. There are precious few gentlemen around these days.”

fed up of this

That was only in there to show how much Anita doesn’t need help from any man. It was fucking pointless. The lamia spouts about how women should have more than one man, and Anita talks about how she’s not greedy (which I suspect to be pretty fucking ironic considering what I know about the later books) and the lamia laughs, because she isn’t a real lamia.

The lamia and Anita walk down to the car, on the arm of a handsome gentleman, and Anita’s man opens the car door. Normally Anita would explode into a whirling ball of rage, but she accepts it for once and gets in the car. Melanie, which is the name of the lamia because calling her by name was so hard for the other three pages, says that Anita can make out with them. The guys show that they’re willing but Anita says no.

Why is the lamia, a demon that eats children, obsessed with sex and men?

The lamia shrugged. “As you like, Anita, but the boys will be sorely disappointed if you don’t at least give them a good-bye kiss.”

This was getting weird; cancel that, weirder. “I never kiss on the first date.”

She laughed. “Oh, I like it. Don’t we boys?” All the men made appreciative sounds. I had the feeling they’d have sat up and begged if she’d told them to. Arf, arf. Gag me with a spoon.


Um…. how does one gag oneself with a spoon?



I don’t think you can do it without looking like you’re fellating cutlery.


5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter thirty eight

  1. Yes, it is indeed really fucking ironic. I laughed so much. In the later books, Anita has like…right now I think it might be eleven guys currently but I’m not sure. More than Melanie has, anyway.

    “Gag me with a spoon” is a cliché snippet of Valley Girl Speak in America. Considering how much Anita likely hates Valley Girls, since they’re stereotypically blonde and thin and vapid and girly, I find it odd how often she talks like one, if only by using the term “so” incorrectly (“I would so not” and “I would so think that” and such).

    • Cecilia said she’d heard the term before; I found it as ridiculous as saying ‘fuck me with a fork’ which I may add to the list of Dottie approved phrases, along with suck my ovaries.

  2. My head canon is that Melanie is a naga and not a lamia, but passes herself off as one because she knows that Westerners are ignorant about the difference between the two, and she wants people to think that she has the weaknesses of the lamia.

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