A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter thirty seven

In today’s cool news: the body of Richard III of England has been found and formally identified. He’s going to be buried in state at Leicester Cathedral, or so I’ve been told. I am a happy history bunny.

And onto today’s chapter.

Anita, Lawrence and Richard have driven home.

Richard stood there. The cool wind blew his hair across his face. He ran fingers through it to keep it from his face. The gesture was achingly familiar. Phillip had always been doing that. Richard smiled at me, and it wasn’t Phillip’s smile. It was bright and open, and there was nothing hidden in his brown eyes.

Anita, you knew Phillip for a week. You judged him. You told him he deserved to be raped as a child by a vampire who preyed on young boys. You shouted at him. You treated him like dirt. He was murdered. Stop acting as if Phillip was this tragic love affair. I read it. It wasn’t.

Anita warns Richard there’s an undead war coming. No, it’s a vampire war. Don’t lump all the undead in with them. He reminds her about the Halloween part which is today. He’s got her a Civil War bride dress, all hoops and everything, and Anita is naturally ungrateful.

Lawrence and Anita leave Richard at his house, and go off. Lawrence is unhappy about being attacked by Yasmeenie and her girlfriend.

“She would have killed me tonight on a whim.”

Shit…. you think?

Anyway, after Lawrence talks about how amazing Anita is at separating her work life and personal life, he reveals that he wants to be involved with hunting vampires because twelve people were murdered by a pack of vampires in his home town. It’s amazing that vampires were ever legalised. Lawrence just wants to help people by becoming a vampire hunter.

Anita says she’ll teach him. Don’t let her Lawrence. Really don’t.


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