A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter thirty four

The Circus of the Damned had closed down for the night, or would that be morning?

It’s past midnight. It’s morning.

Anita tells Lawrence the basics of dealing with vampires (i.e. don’t be a moron around them) but Lawrence had two full semesters of Vampire Studies! He knows what he’s doing, even though he signed up to be an animator, not a vampire executioner. The front doors of the Circus are opened by Irving, who’s a bit hangdog about the whole business. ‘He’ is waiting downstairs for them, down in the room where Anita killed little miss Nikky back in book one.

“I feel like one, / Who treads alone / Some banquet hall deserted, / Whose lights are fled, / Whose garlands dead, / And all but he departed,” I said.

Irving glances back to me. “Thomas Moore, Oft in the Stilly Night.”

This looks really / Rather ridiculous in your / Text / So I don’t think / Quoting pretentiously / Is a good idea / In / Your / Urban Supernatural / Thrill / Er.

Anita gets her gun out as they descend into the basement of the Circus, but the three of them are met by one Richard Zeeman. Hey, Richard, haven’t heard or seen you in ages! One hundred and twelve pages to be precise. I’m sure it wouldn’t have felt that long if Hamilton didn’t insist on having ridiculous chapter lengths.

He was wearing a forest-green sweater with a lighter green and brown forest woven into it. The sweater hung down nearly to his knees. On me it would have been a dress. The sleeves were pushed back over his forearms. Jeans and the same pair of white Nikes completed the outfit.

I’m wearing a dressing gown with a print of Animal with the puppets on it, over the top of a cardigan with Mexican skulls and a Ramones t-shirt which is a lighter black than the gown and cardigan.  The t-shirt hangs down a little. On me, it’s far too big because it was my step-dad’s. It doesn’t have sleeves. Red jeans and a pair of boot slippers complete my outfit. I’m sure this description has helped you understand the events of my review much better than if you didn’t know about what I was wearing.


Isn’t this a treat for Dottie fans everywhere?

And now back to our regularly scheduled review.

Irving talks about how he feels like he’s lost all human autonomy, but that’s not as important as TENSION between Anita and Richard. Richard wants to hurry them all to JC before the dawn and this displeases Anita. He lets her keep the gun out though. Brave man.

I stared at the Browning. I liked having it out. For security it sure beat the hell out of a teddy bear.

bitch please my teddy is captain america

Before they go in to see JC, Anita says that Lawrence should stay behind. He doesn’t need to know information which may potentially endanger his life, and for once, I do agree with Anita. I would not want to know the identity of the Master of the City if it was going to get me attacked. Lawrence, on the other hand, don’t need no wimmins to protect him. Irving overrules him but I think Lawrence goes into a room with them as well and oh god I can’t tell what’s happening, Hamilton’s muddy writing style has struck again. The chapter has ended and Anita is dreading having to argue with Lawrence (HA) and I don’t know where the characters are or what they are doing.

Look at this picture from Only Lovers Left Alive, the new Tom Hiddleston film, and stop worrying about the BS in this book.


6 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter thirty four

  1. Random question: why is it that every time someone is wearing tennis shoes/sneakers/whatever, they’re Nikes? Do no other shoe companies exist in this universe? Why does Hamilton feel it’s necessary to specify a brand? This confuses me greatly.

  2. Your description of your outfit is way better than the narration for one thing: I now love you even more than I already did, because that is the coolest combination of clothes ever, Dottie. Also, I feel it tells us a little about your character, whereas Anita’s clothes are boring or stupid and she doesn’t have much of a character… So there you go.

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