A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter thirty two

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Anita has a meeting with Bert and Lawrence at Animators, Inc. She’s having a go at Bert for hiring Lawrence and putting him in danger – even though he was only in danger because of her. She points out that he tried to raise a third zombie, only for Bert to counter that if she hadn’t have been late, he wouldn’t have tried.

“No, Bert. You are not making this all my fault.”

It IS all your fault. That’s why they’re telling you what you did wrong.

Bert then says that Anita wasn’t much older than Lawrence when she started working for him. Apparently, it was different for Anita.

He was an innocent, and I hadn’t been innocent for years. But how to explain that to Bert without hurting Larry’s feelings? No twenty-year-old man likes to hear that a woman knows more about the world than he does. Some cultural fables die hard.

Shut up Anita.

“He was supposed to go out with you, but you had police business to handle.”

“That’s not fair, Bert, and you know it.”

No, it is fair. You treat your job with such contempt it’s a wonder you still have a job. You behave like that and you will get people hurt. Anita tries to bitch about how no one else would solve the murders without her, but there’s a specialised police task force in St. Louis. There are other people who know the same things as you do, Anita. The world does not revolve around you. She then goads Bert about how he hasn’t fired her yet and honestly, she just gets away with being the biggest bitch. In the real world, she’d have been out on her ass in book one. Her attitude is inherently disrespectful and she treats her boss like garbage. But seeing as she’s the Great and Powerful Anita Blake, she is never going to lose her job.

The Dolph calls. The second victim was Reba Baker and she had a dying will too (to be staked and then cremated, to prevent rising from the grave). This must mean the rogue vampires are targeting people with dying wills for some reason that will probably make absolutely no sense!

There’s some crap about lawyers and how Anita really doesn’t give a shit about her job and how she’s actually only twenty four so she is in no position to talk about how young and inexperienced Lawrence is.

I wanted to wipe the grin off [Bert’s] face with a fist. I resisted the urge. Who says I have no self-control?

Only just avoiding punching her boss in the face.  Anita Blake, the selfless empowered heroine everyone.


6 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter thirty two

  1. How was she not “innocent” at Larry’s age? I guess by that time she’d lost her virginity to her college fiancée and he dumped her for oh noes having an ETHNIC mother, and while that was painful and all, it doesn’t sound like the dark soul-staining kind of thing she’s hinting at. And if it is, firstly, way to tie innocence to virginity, Ms Fake Feminist, and secondly, how do you know Larry hasn’t gone through anything similar? She seems to think she knows everything about this guy and his life and she doesn’t really know squat besides that he’s a young redhead animator, does she?

    And yup, she has yet to lose her job in the series. Considering how her behavior only gets worse at work (and she has sex in her office) this is in fact way more unbelievable to me than a world where vampires and werewolves exist.

    • Sex in her office? How unprofessional.

      Remember, Anita Blake was Born This Way – she understands pain in ways us mere non-Anita Blakes can never understand. I mean, Lawrence has probably had sex, been drunk, seen something awful in his life, fallen in love, fallen out of love, got in trouble, caused trouble, driven a car – but he doesn’t get that stuff like Anita does.

    • I think she’s referring to having her mother die when she was 5, which…
      I know that this is going to sound heartless, but that doesn’t make her the dark Queen of pain and agony. No one has a monopoly on pain, BUT there are harder ways to lose your innocence.
      I know that she’s a necormancer and all, but she should really stop bringing up her dead mother

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