A reivew of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter twenty six

I’ve been baking all day, making cupcakes for a friend. I failed in my icing and ran out for some pre-made stuff – and fell over badly in the exact same spot I fell down last week. I am done with all the ice covering Britain. My joints can’t take it any more, and I walk too fact for my own good.

It’s Friday morning for Anita and she’s moaning about how busy the week has been for her. Blah, blah, raising zombies, killing giant snakes, blah, blah. Lawrence is just another victim that’s going to weigh on Anita’s conscience, waa waa.


Anita goes home and SURPRISE! Edward’s broken in again because he doesn’t understand how people function in society and that you have to ask to into people’s homes. It’s very rude and illegal to break into people’s homes.

I am 110% done with Edward and his ridiculous insistence that he can’t use a doorbell.

Edward and Anita point guns at each other and swap ‘witty’ banter at each other. He wants the name of the master vampire, and he must be an awful fucking vampire hunter if he can’t find out that JC is the pet of Puddykins. He tells her to stand against the couch and put her hands behind her back because yeah, let him tie your hands up. I trust a crazy guy who breaks into flats carrying a gun.

I think I was Edward’s only friend, but that wouldn’t stop him from hurting me. Edward had one rule: do whatever it takes to get the job done. If I forced him to torture me, he would, but he didn’t want to.

If he tortures you then he is not a friend. And you could always go, you know, to the police. But no, Anita opts to tell Edward what happens but identifies Aztec Joe as the Master of the City. Edward does not find her complete 180 on the matter suspicious at all. He’s going to go after Aztec Joe now and promises that Anita can have a bit of the action when Eddie finds him.

These characters are all awful.



2 thoughts on “A reivew of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter twenty six

  1. Hum, so the ancient vampire that just moved her from ForeignLand has been the Master of the City for months?
    Seems legit to me!

    You know what takes away the pain of bruises? Cupcakes. Seems to me like you have a tasty solution on your hands.

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