A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter twenty five

A small note: One of my very helpful and always lovely commenters noted that the Star of David has the Seal of Solomon interwoven into it, something I should have noticed myself as the Seal of Solomon was used on an episode of Supernatural. So, the Star of David is a powerful symbol against evil and demons. Suck my ovaries Hamilton.

Surprisingly, the Great and All Powerful Anita Blake actually did go to the emergency room, along with Lawrence. He has three stitches and maudlin Anita goes on about how she caused his first scar, oh no. I’m pretty sure that he already has scars, Anita. I have plenty of scars and I have never been in contact with you. My hands are covered in scars from doing stupid things as a child, like all other people in the world. Jeez. Self-obsessed much?

Yes, I know that he got the cut from being in contact with Anita, but I doubt he’s going to spend every day of his life being chased by people trying to kill Anita.

She considers telling Lawrence to quit, but being an animator is pretty much something you have to do if you have the talent for it otherwise things come to life around you. Constantly. She gets to bash her stepmother Judith (who we have yet to actually meet) so I guess it was worth it. She goes on and on and on and on about the other career choices Lawrence could do and it comes off less as concern but more like … fear of competition.

All this from three stitches. Three measly little stitches. My mum cut off the tip of her finger with a blender and got about thirty stitches. She still uses blenders.

My mother also has scars from not being in contact with Anita Blake. It can happen to all of us.

Still concerned that Lawrence is going to steal her job – no, I mean, genuine concern for a young man entering a dangerous career (despite the fact that the other animators at the agency seem to do fine). Driving home, she gets Lawrence to stop the car and hit an old lady with the bonnet and shows off all her many injuries.

I showed him the scars on my arms. “The cross-shaped burn is from human servants who thought it was funny. The mound of scar tissue at the bend of my arm is where a vampire tore my arm to pieces. Physical therapist says it’s a miracle that I got full use of my arm back. Fourteen stitches from a human servant, and that’s just my arms.”


“A vampire shoved the broken end of a stake in my back.”


“And my collarbone was broken at the same time my arm got chewed up.”

That’s an impressive collection of injuries and certainly provides food for thought. Apart from the fact that those scars come from your work executing vampires, not working as an animator.

Lawrence is becoming an animator. He is not going to kill vampires. All your vampire related injuries are scary, but are nothing to do with his career and where he’s going in life. They are unfortunately irrelevant and it reads like ‘OMG OMG LAWRENCE CAN YOU SEE HOW COOL I AM? I AM SUPER HARDCORE LAWRENCE. REALLY HARDCORE. LIKE A HUNDRED TIMES MORE HARDCORE THAN YOU COULD EVER BE SO YOU JUST GIVE UP AND DIE SOMEWHERE, NOT LIKE I CARE.’


Lawrence then asks what’s the difference between a vampire hunt and a vampire execution. You know what? Anita is right to be concerned for Lawrence because he’s clearly got exactly 0.3% of one braincell. He is the stupidest character I have yet met in these books, which are filled with stupid, stupid people. I mean, dear lord, he’s not going to last the book at this rate. He’s promised to not go vampire hunting with anyone but Anita and I know, I just know that he is going to die in a gruesome manner for cheap pathos. I can taste the pathos.

Om nom nom. Pathos. Delicious.


6 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter twenty five

  1. Actually, Larry is still alive and kicking as of the latest book, complete with being married to a woman that Anita doesn’t like!

    While I do appreciate scars that are actually big and ugly versus small and just happening to be shaped like a star or flower or whatever, they pretty much are indeed just there for Anita to show off as signs of her badassery; in both Skin Trade and Flirt, for instance, she makes a big show of pointing out to groups of men (a SWAT team in SK, the bad guys in Flirt) each scar and how she got it.


  2. Every time Anita complains about her stepmother, Judith, I picture her as So-And-So from Teen Girl Squad.
    You’re welcome, that image is never going to leave your mind. I’ve spread the curse!

  3. “A vampire shoved the broken end of a stake in my back.”

    I didn’t realize she had told him this before. Because in a later book, she tells him again and he acts like he never heard it before.

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