A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter twenty two

The headlights fleshed on the vampire like a spotlight. I had an image of a pale face, brown hair, fangs stretched wide. We hit her going sixty. The car shuddered. She rolled in painful slow motion up over the hood, and yet it was happening too fast for me to do anything. She hit the windshield with a sharp, crackling sound. Metal screamed.

Didn’t Anita’s beloved mother die in a car accident? It sounds like Anita has a complex. It turns out she was driving (would have been nice to know) but cracked the windshield is not a great idea if you need to drive some more. Luckily, before they have to drive anywhere else, a hand bursts through the front window and grabs Lawrence.  Anita spins the car round wildly but the arm ain’t letting go – after all, they were mown down by the car, they need to get Anita’s insurance information. Anita’s excellent idea sends the car into a ditch, meaning they have no means to escape.

You’re so clever Anita. If you weren’t so obsessed with hitting people with your car, you might have been able to get away safely.

Aztec Joe grabs Lawrence and drags him out of the car, being rightfully pissed that Anita set him on fire. He threatens Lawrence and Anita threatens him back. Aztec Joe tells her to ‘decide’ but seeing as he didn’t give her a question, I’m confused as to what she’s supposed to make a decision on. He has an accent, apparently, being ethnic and all that. Anita hands over her gun, reluctantly.

There are some things more important that physical survival. You gotta be able to look at yourself in the mirror. I gave up my gun for the same reason I’d stopped for the child. There was no choice. I was one of the good guys. Good guys were self-sacrificing. It was a rule somewhere.

Anita, you are the least self-sacrificing hero I have ever read about.


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