A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter twelve

Anita’s at the gym with Good Friend Ronnie. They exercise and so far, Anita has not shot anyone with the two guns stowed away in her sports bag.

Talking about the case with Ronnie, her friend says that she knows a Cal Rupert who was a member of Humans Against Vampires. This Cal vaguely looks like Dead Cal.

Moving on from this, they start to discuss their mutual friend Catherine’s upcoming Halloween party and what they’ll be wearing to it. Anita was apparently bitching about it for days because Anita Blake hates fun. She points out that her date with Richard Zeeman is on the same day but Ronnie says to bring him to the party.

what was the point of having this as a chapter?


I didn’t even have chance to use this gif. 😦


5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter twelve

  1. but but…we need more chapters like this 😉 more talking about how just for fun parties are just bad. More talk about how cute/pretty and annoying her clothes will be at fun parites. More chapters about all the guns she wishes she had taken along, just in case the other gym members get jealous and she has to shoot them in the face. 😉 Well, you never know. It could happen. 😉

    • I don’t mind reading about Anita’s personal life – it provides much needed character depth – but the chapter was about five pages. It shouldn’t have been made into such a piddling little chapter – it should have been part of a longer one. I just really hate small chapters that are chapters for no good reason.

      • Hmm, of course. I was trying to be too witty for my own good there 🙂 But I agree. I like to know about the characters, and not only what they look like. And I think she can do a good job of this if she doesn’t focus on things that don’t matter so much. And making a chapter so short, seems pointless. So, all in all, I agree. 🙂

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