A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter eleven

It’s a short chapter with added symbolic dreams today.

Jean-Claude rose from the water. Water was streaming in silver lines from his hair and shirt. His short black hair was in tight curls from being wet. The white shirt clung to his body, making his nipples clear and hard against the cloth. He held out his hand to me.

Okay, two things:

  1. That is very badly written. ‘His hair was in tight curls from being wet’ – well no shit, you just told me three times that he’s covered in water!
  2. what is it with his nipples. what’s so special about his nipples. I mean really, they’re just nipples, they aren’t that special unless they’re beer-flavoured or something or open the service entrance to Narnia.

Dream Anita is dressed like Scarlet O’Hara and runs towards him through the water, before telling him that he ought to stay out of her dreams.

She wakes up and stomps off to the bathroom to have a look at her injuries.

The burn on my chest was raw, the skin blackened where it wasn’t covered in blisters. A burn hurts all the way down, as if the pain burrows from the skin down to the bone. A burn is the only injury where I’m convinced I have nerve endings below skin level. How could it hurt so damn much otherwise?

Umm…. because your skin has turned black and you should probably go to hospital before you get septicaemia and die? Because that burn sounds horrendous and you haven’t bothered to treat it at all. You just threw yourself into bed and didn’t think to first-aid it. If it doesn’t get infected, I’ll be very surprised. You’re not immune to your injuries, Anita.

Okay, she then puts antiseptic and a plaster on it. To go out to the gym, and not to the doctor’s so a professional can treat it.

Before she goes and kills herself at the gym, Dolph calls saying that the dead guy has been identified. His name was Calvin Barnabas Rupert (Barnabas, really? Like Barnabas Collins?), he was twenty six years old and married to a Denise Smythe Rupert for four years. They had no children. He had no connections to the vampire community. Dolph is annoyed that there haven’t been any more dead bodies like Anita predicted. What a guy. I don’t know why he hasn’t got a better job.

Anita then goes out to the gym with two guns in her sports bag. I worry for the other patrons.


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