A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Circus of the Damned’ chapter nine

Anita drives Richard back home. Stephen gets to sleep in the back seat.  Richard and Anita get to talk with a level of privacy. Mainly about Anita.

  • Anita doesn’t have spare time.
  • Anita doesn’t have hobbies.
  • she is an animator.
  • She works for the the police.
  • She executes vampires.
  • she works, she exercises, she goes out with friends.
  • why did we have to talk about anita first? why do we have to recap what anita does? as a reader, i know all this about anita already! you could say how you told him all this in one paragraph, and not spend too much time on it.

We take a sort break to mention that Richard likes scuba diving, caving, birdwatching, gardening and astronomy. But this is too much about someone else, and we revert back to Anita.

  • She doesn’t watch any TV.
  • She collects stuffed penguins – OOOO SHE MUST LIKE HIM!
  • she’s not any good at small talk. even when she is doing all the talking.

He was taller, thicker, but the outline was familiar. He looked like Phillip in the shadowed dark. Phillip was the only other human being I’d ever seen with the monsters.

Anita then starts screaming out Phillip’s name. After talking about how much she despised him in the first book and not giving two fucks about him in the second book. Richard, who must have the patience of a saint, does not ask her why she’s crying and screaming out a man’s name. Anita asks him about what his interest in her is and warns him that the last guy who flirted her was murdered.

Richard: Uh… I was just being polite. Look, can you drop us off at the next corner? You’re creeping me out, just a little.

Anita then asks him if JC commanded him to make friends with her. Richard ignores this paranoia and actually asks Anita out.

This man is a saint. All hail Saint Richard.

“I was eight when my mother died. My father remarried when I was ten.” I shook my head. “People go away and they don’t come back.”

Anita Blake: vampire killer, unable to let go of the past. Richard, who is still not put off by the fact that Anita is a hateful woman who blames her stepmother for all her problems, asks her on a date to go caving. I’m not sure if he’s a good character or just dumb.

Anita says yes. Thrilling.


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