A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Laughing Corpse’ chapter twenty eight

hHGSGSDHSDSHaagrrrrrhhhhfffff. That is an entirely accurate description of how I am feeling right now. Argdjksdfjkhsdfffffff.

Righto, Anita’s feeling a little worse for wear after vomiting at a particularly gruesome crime scene where she had a terribly disrespectful argument over the dessicated remains of a couple and a police office essentially juggled around cut off breasts.

I sometimes question what I’m doing with my life.

Dolph comes in with a wash cloth.

‘Now that you’re through grandstanding, any useful observations?’

He sat on the closed lid of the stool.


OOOOOO PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME I HAVE A VERY USEFUL OBSERVATION HERE IT IS: Dolph, you ought to be reprimanding your officers for their incredibly unprofessional and disrespectful behaviour but you won’t because you’re the Dogged Nice Guy whose role is make Anita look smarter!


Anyway, the Great and Powerful Anita Blake tells Dolph that the scene is ‘fresh’ and the zombie took its time. It should be nearby, hiding, waiting for nightfall, like any other creature who is unaffected by sunlight. It could be anywhere dark, any place it could get into.

‘So he could be in some kid’s tree house,’ Dolph said.

I smiled. Nice to know I still could.

Nice to know you find the idea of a child coming across a murderous creature it has no hope of escaping from amusing.

After this, Dolph says the medical examiner has said that the corpse is male, six two, white and strong. I don’t know which corpse he’s talking at all. The sentence gives no context for what he’s describing. It might be the dead guy in the other room and it might be the zombie. Hamilton’s muddy writing style strikes again.

Anita comes up with the oh-so-clever idea that the police should search the local area for the hiding zombie. Wow, I’m so glad Anita works for the police! There’s no way that a policeman working on the force fo

r all of his professional career would know to do something like that! She is truly the bestest and smartest vampire hunter out there.

Anyway, Dolph says they’ll go zombie hunting at night, when it’s hard to see things and the zombie will be active and on the move, instead of in the day when it’s confined and not moving about the neighbourhood. I see why he needs Anita to tell him to do things. Anita has to go to the morgue and see John Burke and OH RIGHT they’re checking out Dominga Salvador’s house this afternoon because this was totally mentioned before and doesn’t feel at all random.

What? That makes as much sense as the rest of this mess.


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